Enjoyed game at first then started being very glitchy. GPS is often out of whack and have to rel load several times to get on track. Battles became very uneven and lost 50,000 coin with no resolution, most likely due to earned not purchased. So deleting this game.


Did you create an account just to say that?


Even if so. Devs should know that they’re doing something wrong. May be (I hope) they will think about it.
But I guess it’s really easier to delete this game then waiting till devs will pay attention to the players


This is getting very common. A lot of people are just dropping without saying it. Had to remove 4 people from friend’s list because they dropped out without a word.

Sad but too many bugs, and things wrong with the game. No Stego balance, arena match up is horrendous, to top it off we never hear from devs about changes or future of the game.

When changes occur it is almost as if they fly under the radar and address nothing that is most urgent, and usuly add a ton of new bugs without fixing old.


It’s a good game, it’s just got too many problems, I would suspect that folks are just dropping the game for a reason, not because why the heck not


Or they are like me, since last week, I lost access to my game (I was a level 13 player and now I’m stuck with new games at level 2). Being in contact with support but they seem unable to solve the problem!


Unless of course you are hopelessly addicted :joy::joy:


Good call OP, play jurassic world evolution for your dinosaur needs. It’s more fun, fair and you don’t have to empty your bank account to progress in it


The thing is if Ludia really cared they would do something but unfortunately as they have consistently ignored the players more people will leave.