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Deliberate Prowl (DP) needs Improvement

I believe DP needs a serious makeover just like sidestep. It doesn’t deal damage and not even a priority move. With its current state, it’s very difficult to find a perfect timing, and almost always throws the user on the losing edge .

Current DP:

  • Cleanse self
  • 75 % chance to dodge 66% damage x1 turn
  • Increase critical chance by 50% x1 turn


  • cleanse self
  • 100% dodge chance x 1 turn
  • 100% crit chance x 1 turn
  • Increase speed 10% x 1 turn

Creatures affected :

  • smilocephalosaurus
  • Smilonemys
  • Thylacotator

Agreed. I was amazed it’s not even priority.


Whoa there we heading into cautious strike territory again, especially on nemys who would be faster than anything and has 50% armor

Not the biggest fan of this change and the package deal moves in general. I find the moves that speed up starting to get excessive. MSS, Dig In, Cautious strike, Side step, Mutual Fury… did I miss any? Maybe they could come up with something a bit original. It’s like, what else can we at to this overly complex move… oh yeah, lets make it speed up 10%.

100% dodge and 100% crit Sounds like it would lend itself to a lot of complaining too. Sort of like cautious strike.


Well, I think they changed Deliberate Prowl to not have priority like Prowl was because you would use it and then they would hit you with a debuff. So they made Deliberate Prowl to not have priority that way they can hit with debuffs then use it. But it’s still tricky to use, and you end up with debuffs anyway since Smilonemys is faster than most debuff users anyways :man_shrugging:


Faster than anything? Yeah… no. Mine is 131, add 10% you get 144. I see a TON of stuff faster than that.


Lol I mean base stats

Honestly I would only make some minor adjustments

Deliberate prowl

Cleanse self
Gain 75% chance to dodge 66% of opponents damage. For 1 turn
Increase critical chance by 50% and attack by 25% for 1 turn

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But really good on thylo and marsupial especially against trko and dioraj or anything with ID or II since they waste a turn you cleanse,gain a dodge for next urn, and increase ur critical chance. It also works on tanks like stego or or even maxima if you use it first turn and dodge since for regular tanks you go Lethal wound take a slowing move or distraction, DP, and then rending and for nemys and smilon it works when you go against distractiors or chompers since you can dodge there attack the either pounce or run so it has it uses

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I think the first 3 suggestions are good, but speed up is unecessary and too much imo

Lol yup like I said if that were the case then we be in cautious strike territory of broken and op

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I was just thinking about this today, as my smilonemys got wiped out because deliberate prowl is such a bad move for how risky it is. I like your suggestion a lot. I sincerely hope this move receives some kind of makeover in 1.11.

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Ya that be the only thing I personally change just make the dodge 100% that’s all it really needs

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I’d be happy if they just made it a priority move and left it as is.

Lol then it be useless again just like regular prowl is


Literally the only difference between both moves is one is a priority move while one isn’t.


True but that why delbrate I better since most are faster than distractors, bleeders, and slowers having it as a regular move rather than priority slows them to always cleanse turn to or turn one depending on the situation


Exactly, Prowl was just even worse than DP is now.

Ya so idk why there is complaining about it should be buffed it’s fine it’s an improvement of the og one of you want to improve it you could make it dodge 100% of the time


100% Crit is a bit too much. I can agree with rest of them including Speed up. It’s only for one turn, so it will not a big problem.