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Deliberate Prowl lasts for 2 turns instead of 1

Bug Description: Deliberate Prowl lasts for 2 turns instead of 1

Area is was found in: Arena

How do you reproduce the bug:
Turn 1- Use Deliberate Prowl against a No Escape critter
Turn 2 - Try to swap out on the next turn - no escape kicks in
Turn 3 - Deliberate Prowl is still active

How often does it happen: Always. Not sure if any other moves get affected by this glitch.

This is actually because manual swaps don’t count as a turn, and thus we still have the prowl.

Thanks for telling me about this tho, as I’m about to conduct a study to see exactly how turns work and this has been a gray area


So a manual swap doesn’t count as a turn, but a rampage and run counts as… 2 turns?

This game has some seriously weird definitions…

No you have the run as 1 turn and the swap in after as a turn, like I said I’m going to figure out exactly how turns work

Manual swaps most certainly do count as turns. If this went the way it was described, it’s probably a bug.

There are a few important facts you need to know then:

  1. there’s two types of turns, something which isn’t mentioned in move descriptions. Opponent turns and user turns. Offensive buffs like ferocity (also vulnerability) last based on user turns, while Defensive ones (and DoT) last based on opponent turns.
    Note that a “turn” is any sort of action, that is not a Counter-attack (a counter-attacker that uses a priority move can get it’s Distraction to wear off seemingly early because only the counters between distracted turns are distracted, meaning that the priority move was counted as a distracted turn, meaning all moves count as turns. Swapping is counted as a turn as explained below).
    Dying counts as an opponent turn.

  2. if you swap-in Stun a creature with an SIA that swapped in, and your swapper is faster than they are, they miss the action of carrying out their SIA, but nothing more. This means the SIA counts as a turn, since when you’re stunned you miss a turn.

  3. defensive On Escape abilities like OE Dust Cloud have a shield that is described as lasting for 1 turn, but they only block SIAs, nothing else. This supports the previous point.

  4. Pressing “End Turn” is also a turn. Since manually swapping is an alternative to manually ending a turn, manually swapping has the same status as a turn

  5. it can be proved that manually swapping counts as a turn by getting a counter-attacker stunned by a stunner with No Escape. Make sure the counter-attacker can survive the next hit, and manually swap before the hit lands. The stun will wear off before the hit lands, allowing your creature to counter-attack


It doesn’t, I got that wrong, I think. But a manual swap is a turn.

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That all seems accurate but I’m going into grey areas after this

I’ve edited the post. Are there any areas I’ve left grey?
I’m pretty sure I’ve covered everything.

I said Grey area but I meant areas that aren’t confirmed

They are confirmed though. Each and every one of these has been reported to the mods at one point or another, but we never get an answer.
Then one day one of the mods assured us that they’ve all been reported, and judging by the amount of time that has passed, the devs clearly know about these scenarios and have just designed the system that way. They are intended to work in the ways that they work.

I have never known a game to have such a complicated turn system :rofl:

I really think a turn should be a move made by the opponent (including the counter-attack, otherwise we end up like we do here - with it being possible to skip the second distraction on the counter-attack), which ends once the opponent gets to select their next move.