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Deliberate prowl not dodging AT ALL

The dodge on deliberate prowl does not even lasting a single turn if you attack second and then first.
E.G smilonemys uses Deliberate prowl, grypo uses heal. Heal goes first then prowl.
Next turn Nemys uses pounce and Grypo uses strike.
As soon an Nemys makes an attack his turn of dodge is over, and both of grypos moves hit him. This is not a rare occurance, what if your dino was slowed so you use prowl to cleanse, it means the move doesn’t have a dodge because you’re faster next turn. This move is pretty terrible the way it currently works. It would honestly be better if it dodged 1 attack lasting 2 turns.

Umm what? You’re basically saying it’s not lasting a turn if you use up your turn. I see nothing wrong here. So this is basically a buff DP thread then? Because it looks more like you’re talking about a bug or something.


If a move says it dodges two attacks and then it dodges zero it’s a problem. if they expected it to just last the current turn they wouldn’t have made two versions of the move. This move is INTENDED to go second, but then if you go first the next turn you lose half of the moves benefits. It’s clearly an issue with this moves mechanics and how turns are counted. It should wait until the end of the turn the opponent makes a move following this attack.

It seems to work fine to me in the situation you describe. Just unlucky that you didnt dodge which can happen.

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If you ignore the fact that it’s only supposed to last for a turn, which it does.

It’s doesn’t actually last the current turn, it lasts 1 turn, which is quite different.

Isn’t that the point? Like you said, it’s meant for situations where you go second, so if you go first don’t expect it to do as much.

I don’t see how you reached that conclusion. It counts turns the same way as every other similar ability. It delivers exactly what it promises. If you’re expecting more than that, then I suppose this is a buff thread then, like I said earlier.