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Deliberate prowl not dodging due to turn timers

That makes sense, I now understand in more depth how the mechanics work. It is still not unreasonable that players expect more clarity on this issue.
I don’t recall any tutorials on this, it would be helpful if they put some information on this in game, or specify on moves which turn counter they’re using.

Yeah I was trying to puzzle out bleed until th3bubs comment. I realised that attempting to swap out (and being swap locked) also counts as your move. I was experimenting to see if there was a way to play around with the ques. I’m now wondering if being stunned also acts at the end of a turn (normally the stun visual effect doesn’t go away until after your opponents move)

I can confirm that it does actually work that way, with all attack buffs.

I don’t know if comparing it to Superior Vulnerability is a good idea, since the Vulnerability there is applied after the move, not before (as is with all ferocity moves).

i think it’s likely that mutual fury and superior vulnerability may have different turn triggers otherwise i would think they would behave similarly (based solely on their wording)
You don’t happen to know if vulnerability effects bleed?

Yeah, I agree. Ludia has always left a bit to be desired in that department, and it’s always been a cause of confusion.

Firstly, no Vulnerability doesn’t affect bleed, although I personally think it should.

As for Mutual Fury and SV, I’m pretty sure the difference is due to MF turns being tied to the user while SV turns are tied to the opponent.

In short, it’s the affected creature’s turns that count in all cases apart from DoT, and in the case of shields and evasion they count the turn once the user has made their next move, i.e. once they’ve made a move after putting up the shield/evasion buff initially.

Definitely not the best terms for it, but it was the first time I’ve actually pitched that concept.

The way they explain turns in this game gives me Xenoblade 2 PTSD

It makes a lot of sense, there will be a few scenarios where you’d be able to take advantage of this knowledge i think. Now it’s just a case of working out which turn timer each uses.
-ferocious? EDIT
-speed decrease?

I think moves such as instant ambush that have both dodge and distract probably have two timers, one for each effect. I’d be interested to see how stuns effect turn timers. also can you dodge whilst stunned? Say Thylo uses prowl and is then hit with greater stunning strike. Next turn his dodge should last until he makes his next move. Will it last the turn, will it depend on if he outspeeds opponent or will it not try to dodge regardless

Stun just makes the creature unable to selec a move, timers still work like normal

If we take prowl as an example though the dodge will until your next attack, which can vary on the second turn depending on who’s faster. If the stun timer works like normal would your shield disappear before they attack if you’re faster and after they attack if you’re slower?
My intuition would be that the shield would last until after the attack regardless of speeds.

Stun counts as your turn, so if you prowl and then get stunned, your dodge will go away. However, after that, any applicable counters and on escapes will work.