Deliver us from the flock

In my alliance, literally everybody hates those flocks. Our partner alliances report a similar picture.

Ludia: adds more flocks with every update

So we ask ourselves: why would they do that? Are we the only ones hating them? Does everybody else approve would Ludia is doing? I guess I don’t need to expand on the reasons which make flocks so unlikable, we all know about that. As for me, tournaments once used to be the most fun part of the game. Right now with everyone playing a team with as many flocks as they can get, the fun is practically zero.


Honestly, flocks were a good idea, but they weren’t done right. The way they should have been inputted is where if you kill one of their members, the attack would decrease 33%. Distraction resistance has no input in it.


not to mention realism aspects …

Who would win: Three Chicken or a Tyrannosaurus Rex?


Realism has been gone from the chat since game release.

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I’ve talked about this here.
Flock creatures - Attack Vs HP - Jurassic World Alive / General Discussion - Ludia Forums

Apparently, no response from ludia.

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Good ideas. Though, my main problem with flocks (besides them being over powered in the tournament meta) is that battles take an eternity at times …

Are there actually people around who say: Oh great, I like battles taking 27 rounds and 15 minutes time. Please give us more flocks!?

still there is levels to “un”-realism

three chicken wiping the floor with a t-rex is just ridiculous

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Agree with virtually everything written here. I used to enjoy the tournaments but I now just get my 10 kills and run from them. Don’t mind some poetic licence but it is ridiculous that three Compys can kill a Rex…

I like the suggestion that damage would reduce by 33% with each dead flock member.


Reminds me of the killer bunny scene from Monty Python and the holy grail lol.

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Honestly i love tournaments that don’t have flocks and Megalotops

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Even that scene is more realistic lol, with the size ratio, the bunny being able to clamp it jaws around the guys neck makes a lot more sense than a dodo pecking a T Rex‘s foot and it dying

Trex should walk away from that fight saying “It’s just a minor flesh wound.”

I hate flocks. They’ve ruined the fun in the game for me. Went from winning 5 consecutive Championships and having a 3 amazing teams to barely playing tournaments anymore due to flocks being no fun and boring. The game loses interest as every update comes.

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Tbh the Jurassic franchise isn’t known for its realism.
And the game reflects that by having a turtle faster than a Tyrannosaurus rex.

You had my like at the title.

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I’ve been saying that “good idea done wrong” since the debut of flocks, but I never thought about weakening them as their “lives” get taken. That’s brilliant. And it would make total sense.


Couldnt disagree more with everything said. Flocks (for the most part) are supposed to own fierce dinos, its literally their purpose. They have resilient counters at every rarity level. No issue at all.

So you are saying you want them to be 100 so you want 100 hp bars. Honestly though yes its stupid to say that they can take down a t-rex at all but then again its stupid to say a raptor could as well. That skin would be way to thick for there tiny claws and teeth to pose any threat.

At least a TRex will beat a raptor if it’s just 1 level higher, without even having boosts… Reealy not the case with flocks, lol, They can win against boosted enemies at levels way way lower and unboosted… But enough of that, I have discussed flocks enough for the past two weeks. Just glad to see there are lots of other people who dislike the current flock system as much as I do or even more apparently :joy:

Here’s the problem with flocks and their supposed resilient counters in tournaments

Flocks can swap out to anything that counters their counters (whino to pelta, thyla to bumpymoloch). Flock counters can predict it but cannot swap out unless they risk a very harsh on escape punishment. Most of the time youll see the counters wittled by swap plays and flocks coming back fresh to revenge kill their own counters with the broken fukui possibly being the only exception

Most of the time people will be swapping out flocks and desperately try to save them when they have almost everything at their disposal whether its h2h or for swaps while with the exception of possibly megalotops and maybe fukui their counters seem rather simple mechanics wise (revenge, on escape, resistances etc.)

Also gonna point out that the amount of viable counters that dont tend to be swap bait are 1:2 in ratio compared to flocks which makes draws rng and isnt helped by the random restrictions in past tourneys

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