Demand Justice, Ludia Punish Cheaters

Incompetence at it’s finest… Ludia on their crap yet again. Ludia accused me of violating chat guidelines and banned my account. Why? Because I told my alliance Ludia posted a 50 in game cash link on the games fb page. For sharing what Ludia posted on fb, I received a ban. I have sent multiple appeal emails but haven’t received any responses. Every time I turn around Ludia screws up and the consumer suffers. I will leave another bad review, I have already stopped spending money on the game, what next Ludia, I uninstall it from every device in my house?

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So…is telling your Alliance about the page a violation of the Terms and Conditions? Until I know It’s hard to comment further.


So cheating and exploiting gets rewarded, while telling your fellow PLAYERS about something GAME related, you get banned?

Sounds about right! -_-

That being said there is always two sides to every story so I won’t jump to any conclusions!

Edit: Insert random exploit complaining here


Honestly, I do not know. I have told my alliance in the past when Ludia posts links to big in game cash, I dont tell them about the $10 links but I did about the $50 dollar link. That was the only post I made in alliance chat, I would post the screen shot but cannot access game. I typed, “$50 in game cash posted to JWA fb game page.” 5 minutes later launch game and get the ban screen.

That’s too quick to be about the message looks like you’ve been banned for something else


Tbh they do have an automated filter I believe…

Yeah I think they do as its blocked some of my words like YouTube lol, like how do you tell your members where to see your newest videos if you cant tell them where to find it? lol

I also believe that 5mins is way to fast for a ban related to such a message, could be something else!

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Yuck. I have “abused” in game chat before, like promoting a discord channel. But I haven’t been banned. That was crazy quick of a ban though! Record time, I’m assuming.
I’m sorry that you can’t play it now. I hope this gets resolved soon!! How frustrating this must be.


They ignore their TOS as they see fit (see rewards for exploiting AI bug) so even if it is, what is okay and what isn’t is not really in the TOS.

Plot Twist: He is a spoofer


Not sure what a spoof is?

You might want to edit your support key out of the screenshot for privacy reasons!

Why? What is it exactly?

its your account and someone can try to steal it


Like a… CHEATER!!! :scream:

Spoofing is when someone uses a program to pretend they are moving. So someone can sit on their couch and still go around the world collecting dinosaur DNA.


I got banned for 2 days, then 5 days, just for trying to enforce the rules on DNA requests in my alliance chat, as our leader asked me to do. Nothing rude,nothing impolite, nothing inappropriate, but someone clicks the ‘WHINE’ button, and I get banned. Ludia don’t even read posts in context, they just ban cos it’s easier. No more, I just keep my head down and play the game.



Earlier I tried posting this as a topic and of course they blocked it here as well. They don’t want you to know that they don’t care about the problems they just want your money.

I remember watching a gaming beaver episode and he mentioned YouTube in his alliance chat. The chat hid the message