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Demand ROLLBACK for latest UNLIMITED BOOST sale!

We have no clue at all how many players have taking advantages of latest UNLIMITED SALE of boosts!

We can’t let this go on, because nothing in the game forces it to be closed down.

Mod have written:


Players have written:


For how long will this be!?

How much have players bought?

We demand rollback for this HUGE mistake!


Sadly it’s an easy fix. Pull all the boosts, refund the in game cash and let us play the way we were. You know, when you win a match and got 20-30 points. Not 10 and when you lose it’s -50. This whole mess is because of those boosts. I don’t care what anyone has to say that’s it not, but you can bet your first born that it is. “And that’s the bottom line”


Just the fact that they said reboot your phone proves they have no idea, cus people will of course buy them all before they do that.

They proved before how much they don’t care by not doing anything about the people who exploited before? So nothings really going to change.


I think more people are at the ‘lets watch this mf burn!’ point then care for another screwed up rollback.


I guess many do.

But, With all efforts many players made, I think most of them want’s a fair solution!

It’s not fun at all to see weeeeeks of effort just getting blowed away because UNBALANCE and BUGS in their game!!

Weeks, try a years worth of playing only to be met with this garbage. I guess the old saying holds true for those at Ludia. They don’t have enough smarts to pour water out of a boot if the instructions were on the bottom.


Bump. Please do something about this!

They have to finishing fixing the first rollback before they can even look at doing another.

Ie people who are still owed refunds.




Oh that’s gold! Especially because I’m Brazilian :rofl:

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:rofl: - thank you, just made my day!

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That is hilarious

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Not so quick.
This week they will waste to admit the problem
Next week their analytics will gather information
One more week is required to plan maintenance, to cancel it and to plan it again
And in 3 weeks may be they will roll lit back.
And in 2 days after that they will **** up again.

Repeat unlimited times


I feel like I’m stuck in Punxsutawney …


Quality video. Unbelievable tekkers!

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Other than being asked to reboot your phone, has there been any communication from Ludia regarding this latest “hiccup” with the boosts??

What is so hard about making an executive decision to scrap the boost idea for now and replace the in game cash??

Come on Ludia, stop trying to figure out how to milk this latest cash cow mess up and just do what most every player is asking and remove the boost altogether, for now, and put the trophy system back to how it was until everyone there is confident the boost rollout won’t be flawed again.


I can’t understand why people seems to not care?

Have they given up on the game?

If this was WoW, Fortnite - some kind of autobug, you got coins, advantages, auto-skill - What Ever !

People would have been really mad!

Worse of all is that most long-term playes have GRINDED to death to get their teams.

But I guess. Since everyone got thousands of game-cash, they stop care!?


It’s not that we don’t care…

Its ludia who doesn’t care proven time and time again