Democratize green supply drops


I live in a city where there are no big parks near my work or home. That’s why I can not enjoy the events. I think many other players are in the same situation. Dear Ludia, please distribute the green drops to other areas of the city. That way everyone would benefit, as well as in the strike towers.


Yes i agree. There used to be 3 special event drops close to my house. But they all disappeared after the update. Now i have to drive a good distance to the closest park that still has these drops (but there are only 2 at this big park).
I don’t even wanna participate anymore in the special events because it’s just not worth it to drive that far, just for 2 drops.


They should be able to to something like Pokemon go, that statues and others “special objects” could be green supply drops


They could make those green suplly drop appear randondly in all zones like the events this way all of us can enjoy the game
I will not walk 10km to reach a event supply drop my pocket is not that bid😅


Event Supply Drops are placed in areas based on Google POIs (points of interest), as opposed to the location of statues and other “special objects” that basically function the same way.

While Ludia could choose to make Event Supply Drops appear randomly in all zones, as @Rctuga notes, I doubt that they will. Event Drop placement is designed to challenge players to get out of their homes and head to park areas–whether that’s actual parks, bike trails, or even public wildlife areas. As the Event Drops are basically giving away DNA for free, I don’t think it’s reasonable to suggest that they should be appear randomly in all zones…after all, we can find and hunt non-Event dinosaurs that are just as good in our local neighborhoods and city centers.

I do think that there should be a simpler way to make recommendations or update POIs in order to either increase the number of Event Drops in certain parks or restore some Event Drops back in park areas where they were previously located–if it is deemed reasonable, safe, etc.


Please do not let this topic die. Many players end up having a huge advantage because they are in prime locations! We want a fair game!


But I do not think fair with players who do not have parks near their area of ​​conviviality. In many cases players would have to move to another city to take advantage of green supply drops. Meanwhile players from major centers do not have to make the same effort. Where is justice in that? Irritator for example is not a wild dinosaur. And many will be able to pick it up 18 times!


There is a very minor side street in town that has virtually no lawn but is home to one of the notoriously few “wealthy” individuals in town. He’s literally a workaholic, has no family, and still uses a flip phone because he’s both old and old-fashioned.

His house is a green event point.

Yet there are LOTS of lots (heh heh, puns) overrunning with wide open, public grassy space, playgrounds, parks, etc ALL over downtown that have literally zero green event spawn points.

They’d rather let an angry miser who’d just as soon take a .22 to someone “loitering” on the sidewalk for longer than 15 seconds outside his home, that is in a somewhat busy urban neighbourhood where only the upper middle-class or higher can afford to live, have one than countless areas scattered throughout an entire town.


That’s true. But sadly, a lot of parks well geotagged in google maps even with green area in JWA are not filled with green supply drops in the game, after the last big update. This is kinda frustrating and I feel people that complain about this, because they were park events before the last release… :rage:


Ludia need to do something about those green suplly drops only avaiable on parks otherwise they will lose a huge ammount of players that live in rural areas with no parks near…that makes the game harder , and will eventually make some of us lose interest in it and uninstall the game wich is bad


That really bites…While I’m sure it was just a geographical coincidence that Ludia placed an Event Drop on the doorstep of the grouchiest man in town, so to speak, the irony of the situation is both astounding and depressing…but I digress.

Hopefully in the next update or two Ludia will increase the number of Event Drops per location as needed and make some much-desired adjustments. Only time will tell.


I was really looking forward to darting the T-rex today. I gave it one last chance and decided to drive to the closest park that still has event drops(far away)… But nope, only the other creature was there.
Please just give us our event drops back that we had before the update because all the small parks in my area don’t have any drops now.
Let’s just keep posting on here so Ludia at least notices this topic :slight_smile:


Im also planing drive 10km tonight to catch a trex to finnaly have my indorex wish me luck cus theres only 1 even supply drop there


I’m going to have to go to a nearby town to enjoy the event. I want to raise my Indominus Rex level. I haven’t seen Rex wild for a many days. I can’t miss this chance.


Sad Bro. Please, Ludia, listen to us.


Good luck on the T-rex hunting :slight_smile:


So here i am and after driving 10km i got this( nothing in it )
Really really sad its geting frustrating
On my way i darted a baryonix and again connection issue and o lost the dna collected


Yeah it’s pretty annoying to drive some miles to a park and find an empty box. I was trying to get the last few Irritators that I needed last night and the first 2 parks I went to had empty boxes. I ended up having to cross the bridge to the next city to find Iritators. I was trying to make it a quick trip since it was 2am but ended up being out there for more than an hour because of empty boxes. When i cross the bridge, there are a handful of special event boxes on the bridge because it goes over a grassy area. But even then, last night half of them were empty and the other half had the other dinos. I had to find one in that city and then take the other bridge back over to where I live to grab one on there. How fun.


You know, when I first started this game I really liked how low population areas were treated. I felt like I was getting good dinosaurs even though I am in a rural area. But then the event drops were added. Again, I am in a rural area. Everything around me is green (mind you, in real life) why the hell would we have parks? So, basically, if I wanna catch some event dinos I have to travel. Quite far. It’s not fair. I feel like I have a big disadvantage because of this.


Im still there and not a single trex spawn after +3 hours waiting
I just drive 20km for NOTHING
Thanks Ludia