Democratize green supply drops


I live in a city where there are no big parks near my work or home. That’s why I can not enjoy the events. I think many other players are in the same situation. Dear Ludia, please distribute the green drops to other areas of the city. That way everyone would benefit, as well as in the strike towers.


Dude they just did exactly it in this new update, where have you been all day?


:joy: I was thinking the same thing


@leechunsonnn kindly provide screen shot. They improved the supply drop for special event supply drop population prior to 1.4 update. It is now amass really out there.


They took them away, most of them disappeared today. That is so annoying because all remaining green boxes in parks are also used for pterosaurs meaning I can’t get Irritator yet again. I’m so fed up with their strategy to prevent people from getting rare DNA.


They haven’t disappeard, just moved. I am saying this because I have a lot of supply drops in my block, yesterday the green supply drop was in the right side of the block. Today is in the left.

Anyone experienced something similar?


There are maybe 3 still active but all other ones are gone. I walked a few miles tonight and I found more but really far from my apartment. We have a few small parks that don’t have any green supply drops. Sigh.


@SaraCuriosa yep same happened to mine, they seems to realize they did a mistake on the mass green supply drop post maintenance and toned it down. :frowning:


Lot of people are reporting this. I can tell for what i see:

I do see that some green supply drops near my house are now orange supply drops, but I experienced as well that some supply drops that were orange yesterday, today are green.
I think we should see this in some few days, so Let’s see after sunday, when the pterosauro’s event is over, if something will change again,