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Demon Witch Gone, Now We Got This! Gnarly Looking Thing! 4p

Not Bad

Can’t Hardly Wait :smiling_imp::spider:

It Would Suck If These Were Real


And The Paths Look To Be Getting Longer…?
Wonder If All Of Us Get The Same Chests? Well It’s Not A Chest But Those Too I Guess, Rewards From The Vampire Spawn?

Otyughs are the trash compactors of the D&D world. :slight_smile:

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Looks Like I’m Gonna Have A Blast!!!:wink::grin:
LOOKS Like It’s About Time To Take Out The Trash!!!:muscle::tongue::smiling_imp::joy:

Wait A Sec. Hey Retsamerol Look At My Gold Numbers
Add That 5 To That 1 And Then Doesn’t That Make Some Kinda Crazy Number Sequence, Something To Do With This Dude That Horned Guy!:poop: Wouldn’t Do Emoji
Yikes, Let Me Hurry Up And Get Some Gold!!! LOL :grin:


Their mouth is also their butt. Aberrations are weird. At least they don’t dream their offspring into existence and the. Try to murder each other like beholders do.


One of the many books that they’ve released over the years included a cross-section of Beholder anatomy. Yeah, that’s never getting un-seen.

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That’s Kinda Grossly Funny :rofl:
So He Probably Burps Up His Farts Then?
You Wouldn’t Have To Worrie About People Being To Close To You While Waiting In Line For Something!!! LOL

To get my attention, use @retsamerol. That creates a notification for me to pay attention to.

The number of the Beast was seen in a reflection in a pool. It could easily have been 999 had it been arabic numerals. There’s also others who say that the number is in fact 696. The 666 thing seems mostly popularized by the Omen series of movies.

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Good Ol Holly-Wood😀 @retsamerol

I have made a huge mistake