Demystifying the Trade Harbor

For those that have been around for awhile might have picked up on the information already in this post but hoping it will help others understand what the trade harbor is good for and possibly not good for.

What is the Trade Harbor?
The trade harbor is located just north of the Cenozoic Biodome on the beach of the island. I cant remember at what level this unlocks or if it is locked at all (someone please comment below and let me know and I will update this information). This is where Chanya Diogo is located who is who you will be dealing with on a daily basis for trades, so get to know her and her tricks. There are two types of trades that can be done here, the ones that constantly cycle throughout the day where she proposes trades to you, and the custom trades where you pick the resource you are willing to trade (and how much of that resource depending on what it is) and what type of resource you are looking for in return and Chanya will offer something up to you to accept or walk away from.

Why would I want to trade any of my resources away?
You will quickly learn as you level up your park that their are certain capacity thresholds you will run into where a certain resource is maxed out and you cant store anymore or you might have way more of a resource than you could need for the foreseeable future. The trade harbor is where you can go to look for ways to free up space for a resource that might be more valuable / useful to you.

What is a good trade?
Well this is debatable and will ultimately depend on your game play and what you are looking to accomplish. That being said there are areas of the game that are easily maxed when it comes to resources and others that you have to scrape and claw for just a little bit more of. Generally the resources that are easiest to come by are coins and food, but especially coins. As your park grows so does your coin production, so coins are always easy to come by. Food is a different story as some times you may be burning through millions and millions of food just leveling one creature from level 30-40 and you might do this a few times in quick succession depending on how your hatching and fusing is going, then you will have other times where you are barely using any food because you are currently stuck with 3-4 creatures in the hatchery that still have 6 days left on their hatch timer.

Resources you will almost always need more of are DNA, DinoBucks, and VIP points. I would argue that anytime coins or food are offered up to be traded for one of these three take the deal if you can spare the coins/food. Personally I even trade DNA for DinoBucks or VIP points. As you also increase in park level and eventually max out you will start to accumulate lots of extra resources in other forms like buildings, decorations, creatures, and battle boosters. All of these are trade-able for other resources so keep your eyes open for deals or utilize the custom trade area to offload some of them.

Again what makes a good deal for one person does not for another based on goals within their park so analyze the deal for what makes sense for you and your goals.

I have gathered some information on over ~ 200+ trades and compiled it below to give you an idea of what you can expect, you need to pay attention in the trade harbor as Chanya will try and pull a fast one on you from time to time and move a decimal or two on you and make what at first glance seem like a great trade into an actual nightmarish trade, long story short buyer be ware while in the trade harbor as all sales are final.

In the table below the column to the left is what you are trading in to Chanya and the labels across the top is what that will generally get you. These trades are all at level 75 so your trades may vary based on your level or what you have available in your inventory. As an example the first row is if you trade in 10,000,000 coins you can expect to get on average 994 DNA or 545 DinoBucks or 817 VIP points and so on across the table. As a VIP member I am not sure if any of my trade deals are better but I do see a few in my trade feed with the “JW” VIP logo on them so I am assuming those are only for VIP members. “B” at the end of a descriptor is for Booster, “C” is for creature, a “-” means I have not collected any data for this type of trade it is possible that some trades do exist for these types of trades I just haven’t recorded any recently.

Trade Type Value to Trade To Coins To Food To DNA To Dbucks To VIP Points To Legendary B To Decorations To VIP Decorations To Super Rare C To Legendary C To VIP C
From Coins 10,000,000 - - 994 545 817 0.61 4.92 - - 0.22 -
From Food 1,000,000 3,150,666 - 160 - 177 0.12 1.04 - - - -
From DNA 1,000 1,310,042 693,831 - 360 503 0.61 1.27 1.23 - - -
From Dbucks 1,000 - 730,420 656 - - 0.64 1.99 2.59 - 0.31 0.09
From VIP Points 1,000 1,518,598 687,897 1,178 745 - 1.36 2.90 0.82 0.12 0.26 0.09
From Common B 4 2,651,188 1,232,422 185 - 116 - - - - - -
From Rare B 1 1,813,399 438,955 162 - 73 - - - - - -
From Super Rare B 1 2,572,295 999,365 - 162 226 - - - - - -
From Legendary B 1 4,961,714 3,047,796 624 264 - - - - - - -
From Decorations 1 827,163 401,825 321 169 - - - - - - -
From VIP Decorations 1 1,077,734 508,977 424 274 - - - - - - -
From Common C 1 115,559 - - - - - - - - - -
From Rare C 1 - - 341 - - - - - - - -
From Super Rare C 1 - 480,003 1,269 - - - - - - - -
From Legendary C 1 - - 2,680 - 1,114 - - - - - -
From Tournament C 1 10,821,926 4,680,388 4,141 419 2,720 - - - - - -
From VIP C 1 - - - - - - - - - - -

At the end of the day if the trade makes sense to you for your situation its a good trade, take it and be thankful for a quick way to swap out unneeded resources for one that you are seeking. If its a bad trade walk away and come back later to see if your list has refreshed. You can also refresh your list by spending 50 DBucks to refresh your list, personally I do this the maximum amount of three times every 24hr period since I generally will get trades for DBucks that out weigh the cost or I will get VIP or DNA trades that make it worth it for me.


Great information, especially for people who are new to Jurassic World. If my English were better I would have written the same.

Bringing this back up as much of it still applies.

I also did some screen shots of why I do the 50 DB refresh:
After the first refresh:

After the second refresh:

After the third refresh:

So after all of those trades I was down 739 DNA, up 348 DB, and up 1,227 VIP points.

Then utilizing my three custom trades to burn off coins:

The trade harbor can be your friend.


This is great info! Also helps confirm some of my strategies. Since I have a backlog of dinos to hatch I typically do custom trades of Apatosaurus Fossils for LPs. Usually get ~300 per, so ~900 after three custom trades.


I do notice though that if not for the one apato fossil you would be down considerably on DBs. More so if not willing to trade LPs for them. This is what I am experiencing. I keep trying these refreshes but while I get other good trades for them the DB ones are so rare now that its sucking me dry and I just can’t keep throwing my DBs away on them with so few on return.

All i get offered on my fossils is coins now. No idea why. I have to cash in on the smaller db offers I get given for lower decorations. I am probably not losing out though. My refreshes are only ever done by accident but have not helped me.

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With out the fossil I would have been down about 50 DB assuming I didn’t get a different trade for DB, but I still would have been up the VIP points.

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@Badgerzzz - I still get regular food offers for my fossils as well, and DNA ones too. It’s just the DB ones I am very very rarely seeing, when before I would usually get at least one in the 3 refreshes, if not during the regular course of the day.

@Sionsith - yeah, it’s not that I don’t get OTHER good trades with the refreshes, it’s just that I am almost never making up the DB cost on them as I was far more often when they originally said they were putting more DB trades offers in the harbor. I really expected they were going to dial these back on us eventually in spite of what they told us, and it just seems to have been in the last week that this has been the case for me at least. I didn’t want to jump to conclusions so have been continuing to try every day but my DBs just keep going down and down more as a result so not sure how much longer I’m going to keep trying.

I do though still use one custom trade for coins to Jurassic as you have suggested when I am close to maxed out… that continues to regularly bring in a nice hybrid trade, got a Parasura today for that one (although cost me a lot more than yours!) I always use the other two for the fossil-to-LPs, and will use all 3 for the latter if I’m not over 90 mil coins.

Basic question I can’t seem to get an answer to ! For a custom trade does one have to give up all the resource ? For example I have 71 million coins right now. Can I choose to only say trade 10 million in the custom trade ?

That depends on the offer you get.
You can only tell the trader that you want to trade coins for resource X. The trader tells you what he is willing to trade and how much coins she wants. This could be all of your coins but it is unlikely.


Excellent. I will try it out ! Sounds like you get a chance to reject the trade so if you don’t like it you are not locked on. That’s my worry like she will want all the coins for 500 DNA and I won’t get a chance to reject it

If this is the custom trade then yes you get a chance to reject but you can’t then re-use that custom trade for 24 hours.

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If you are doing coins for DNA most likely it will be somewhere around 2-5 mil coins a trade, I don’t remember exactly though, but I know it’s not going to go for all of your coins.

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I’ll add that other types of trades will be far more likely to ask for a lot of coins than the DNA one. Most of the coins for creature types for instance, you can expect to need pretty high amounts of coins (they may even be greyed out if you don’t have enough for what it wants to offer you).

Personally until I got to a point where my coin production was pretty high and I could regularly get good dinos on my coins to Jurassic, Ceno, etc. trades, I used all 3 custom trades every day for an apato fossil decoration for VIP points (or DBs when that was still possible). For me, this was the most valuable trade I could do, due to the rarity of VIP points in the game and how awesome the VIP creatures are in the 10K packs…and I knew with 100% surity that it would be a trade I would take. Any trade that even has the potential for me to have to think about not taking is not one I will do. The amount of DNA you can get in a custom trade for coins just isn’t enough IMO, not when I can just do some ad watching to get the same amount.

Just something to consider… DNA while certainly one of the most important resources in the game, isn’t necessarily the hardest or most valuable, and just not sure using a custom trade with coins to get it would be a strategy I would recommend.

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It worked out okay. It turned out 3mil coins or something, for maybe 1000DNA? Can’t recall now for sure. Coin production is pretty good so I will try this out daily! (for DNA, JW pts, DB, etc)

I agree! I will probably do this for DB or JW points usually. Custom trades is not something I’ve looked into at all for this game yet, but it does seem like it’s worth it - at least once a day (I’m not a VIP)

Some may not like this, but I keep all dinosaurs, even the commons, because I like having at least one of each at level 40. I know this slows down my getting more powerful hybrids, but that’s how I want to do it! If I want a hybrid, I just get a second creature first to merge. That may be helping me with coin production though … I feel that’s pretty good. If I spend a lot of coins on a trade I make it back up very fast.

I like you’re idea of primarily using the custom trade for JW points, as that gets me to 10K that much more often, which helps me get those legendary hybrids built up!


Well, the custom trade possibilities for DBs aren’t particularly great… personally I would always use it for LPs (loyalty points) instead. If you aren’t a VIP, I would really be inclined to use your one trade for LPs, because yeah, those 10K packs are GOLD indeed at where you are. The apatosaurus fossil is the best cost-for-trade-value, unless you have something like a legendary creature you are willing to trade for them (those will often give 1K+ LPs), but at your level you probably want to keep any of those you get.

And many of us do like to make two lvl 40s before using them for hybrids. You may change your mind on doing that once you get to the ones that use tournaments though! I still plan to make another lvl 40 of most of them, but they cost too much and take WAY too long to hatch to make two of them FIRST.

And those commons are coin producing fiends. Definitely well worth keeping every dino you hatch until you reach a point that coin production is so high you don’t care about getting more. Level them up when you can… you will get slightly more coins for a level 11 than two level 10’s.

Be sure to use the Watch Ads for Free DNA too as long as it’s getting you 50 DNA (it will often drop to just 10). When I can watch 5 or 10 ads for the same amount of DNA the custom trade gives, it makes more sense to use them for resources that I can’t get so easily. I’ll do it when I’m watching TV or otherwise not really paying attention to the game… just be aware that while watching ads time in the game often will stop so hatcheries, etc. often aren’t progressing if you watch ads.

I will say though that if you did get 1K of DNA for 3 mil coins, that was an unusually FANTASTIC trade offer.


On my 2nd account I use something like 4 mill coins for maybe 250 points. It varies a lot. That account is extremely low on coins (and everything else). Sometimes the trader takes every coin I have. It seems a good trade though and I do it every day.


Your two level 40 strategy is one that I use as well. And it has served me well as I’ve progressed. You may find that for some creatures, one copy is not enough. For example, on today’s, Battle for Survival, all three of my rounds were Amphibians, so I need at least 6 level 40 Common Amphibians and the same for Herbivores because you can also have all pterosaur lineups. Another thing to consider once you start making hybrids is having multiple copies of them as well to aid you on Rarity Specific Events and Tournaments. I’m working on having a level 40 and at least three level 30 hybrids. I’ve done my Rares and Commons and am now working on my Super-rares. This also gives me something to do with my first hatchery pop while the other three work on multiday creatures.

Just some food for thought as you work your way through.


Well you don’t really need that many… since common and rare cooldowns are pretty short and you can still get the events completed before they expire. It just makes it more convenient in order of finishing the events in one run. But I agree that even for lower level players, working on some depth in their creatures vs. trying to push higher really quickly can be beneficial.

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