Denis Nedry Emote

Please add new emote with Denis Nedry saying ah ah ah
From the míthical ah ah ah you didn’t say the magic word


Ah they already have and it is now available through doing certain tasks within the game it can actually be found in your * Teams section * of your online game itself. click on the tab that says * emoticons / smileys etc and you will find it if you dont have it then it should be showing in a ghosted out section for new emoticons below the top section.

How do we get it then?

It would be an amazing emote to have

his finger is waving

There’s a finger-wagging emote, so it’s sort of a Nedry reference, but it could have been more than that.
You get it from raid minion incubators, there’s a 5% drop rate.

I thought a video would be better than a photo so you can hear it, but it actually makes the sound: ah ah ah, it’s a deeper voice, but still said with that same rhythm as Dennis Nedry ah ah ah, Go to 0:32 of the video to see it!


Yeah, it is sort of there. Maybe they could just improve the sound effects? Would it take some sort of special permission to get Nedry’s face in the game?

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I think there are laws you can’t do that sort of thing without permission, also probably the same with the ah ah ah sound(highly doubt it though), and I don’t think Ludia would be willing to do it, otherwise we probably already would’ve seen Ultimasaurus which is trademarked, so I don’t think Ludia is willing to pay the money to have rights to these things, probably too much money for it anyway.

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