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Denle mas poder a grypolith!//Give more power to grypolith!

Denle mas poder a grypolith!!!


Translated from Spanish

Give more power to grypolith !!!

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He doesnt need more power he needs immunity to distractions cus is counter atack its is main source of damage ,once distracted he is useless

Give it the datamined move: ferocious shattering strike, from what i remember, it’s a basic move that gives a 33% boost to damage and has shattering capabilities, It would be perfect as a basic move for grypo.

Immune to Distraction for a Dino that’s has Rending counter? No, thank you.

I will say change it’s kit. Like this -
Long Defensive Strike
Defenite Impact
Rending counter - Destroys Shields, inflict 33% of opponent HP as Armour Piercing damage.
Immune to Stun

Have you tryed to kill a utasino,proceRAT or any other low HP dino with distraction moves with grypo? He does pretty much nothing to then
Grypo kit is great has it is right now
I wouldnt mind if he got swap in ferocious strike

But I have faced many. A Dino that can deal 25% of opponent’s HP shouldn’t be Immune to Distraction. Distracting Grypolyth is sometimes the only way to counter it. So again, no.

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Remove Long Protection from his kit and add Ferocious impact or strike
then add Long Protection in a Swap In Ability

Long protection is necessary for It to survive and stall the opponent.

One likely event in the meta full of shield breakers, long protection is no longer effective if it’s to get destroyed next turn. In comparison, long shielding strike is the enhancement which grypo deserves.

Was looking at Grypo today, I have the DNA to make him, but don’t think it’s worth that many button pushes…

Immune to stuns will be nice.

Immune to stun solves that grypo vs. grypo=stalemate issue. Definitely should be on the list lol

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I find the shield very essential for grypo to work well as a tank and tank buster. Of course it will lose to shield breakers, they are it’s counters after all, so nothing wrong there. Also, the meta is not currently dominated by shield breakers, I think it’s balanced in that regard and grypo has a place but needs a little something more. I would go with a slight hp buff to 4650 and give it ferocious shattering strike as a basic move.

It needs more speed 106 its ridĂ­culous, thor has 109 speed and both ingredients have not igher then 106 speed that doesnt make any sense on the other hand gryposuchus has 116 speed and grypolyth shoul get at least 110-112 speed and a 10-20%crit also from gryposuchus dna
Swap im ferocious would be also great

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My point is, why having an ability that once loses its purpose and will cause you a void for 4 turns? Shield breakers will keep breaking shields. They are in the meta for their own purpose, just like grypo is supposed to have its own. Grypo is not a damage machine, nor is it well-armoured. Losing its shield it will be doomed in ALL matchups. If we want to buff it without completely reposition its role, I don’t know where to start with if it still keep long protection rather than long shielding strike.

Long shielded strike is good too. But If It doesn’t have any shield moves It won’t work.

Dont even know how people handle to fuse him. Spamming fuse to get 500 purrolyth (on top of getting purro to 20) dna just for a single grypo fuse is enough for me to not even try to level him up to my team average.

You must haven’t seen thyla yet…

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I saw somewhere that fusions will have an improvement in this regard next update