I’m currently grinding Tragodistis and Indominus, and conveniently Arena 1 Incubators give both Velo and Amargie DNA, the 2 dinos that are the most difficult for me to find. Is this strategy frowned upon because it takes trophies from new players, and if it’s not, is it worth it? I understand that you get less DNA per incubator, but statistically I’d still get more of what I needed. Thanks for your time.


I tried dropping down an arena earlier today to get some rare trike dna for stegoceratops. Still in badlands with an 8 hr incubator cooking away.

If nothing else I just handed out a lot of incubators?


That’s a good point… I’m sitting on 3K trophies so I’d give out PLENTY of incubators.


I’ve done this many times. I don’t think it’s unfair to new players (or others) as long as you do 2 things:

  1. As you are dropping down don’t just put out your deliberately weak team and then go do something else while leaving the battle to time down each time. It’s boring for the opponent and creates resentment
    towards this level drop down tactic. If you play your moves fast then I can’t see why anyone would mind an easy win.

  2. When you’ve hit the area you want, don’t field a ridiculously OP team each time. Sure the point is to win, to win incubators, to get the DNA you need - that’s the point of you doing what you are, BUT again it just builds resentment to this tactic if you p all over them. And it may put people off the game… which will annoy Ludia and potentially cause them to stop people doing this.

I don’t see the harm if you play fair.


Just hope Luisa don’t mess up another strike event and have to reset all players to their highest score again :joy:
I had spent 2 solid weeks dropping down to Nublar Jungle from Sorna when they suddenly “helpfully” put me back up to my highest trophies! Was GUTTING :joy::joy:


Also does anyone know the amount of rare, common, and epic DNA for the Standard and Large Arena 1 Incubators?


So iff i drop to jungle arena a will be able to get more rajassaurus dna? Iff that happens i will drop arena right now🤔


I’ve been doing this to stay in Badlands for the mono dna.


Finally made it to jungle. Now just have to stay there and farm some trike dna.

Autocorrect wanted me to collect tree dna. …suppose if I’m in a jungle…


I hope and pray the next tournament is a voluntary separate entity!

This will make it easier to weed out future cheaters because it won’t be everyone playing

And the best part is you aren’t forced to play it!

JWTG tournaments are always a voluntary thing and it makes it better for all that way! Basically once it starts where you are in the game determines the prize you play for!

If they do the same thing they are only going to keep the super whales and they are going to lose the majority of the game base (many are medium whales like me) I doubt the super whales can sustain the financial part of the game for Ludia!