Describing creature appearances in 5 words or less

Smiloceph - Bald Cat
Monomimus - Emo Emu
Smilodon - Fluffy kitty with spotty pattern
Andrewsarchus - Pig Dog Thing
Monolorhino - Party Horn!!!

Andrewsarchus : Horror

Ankyloco: Nasty ankle biter
Velosrhacos: Did you fry my chicken?

oops my goof… i forgot to mention that was at night ! i traveled so far i thought my cars speedometer was going to clock itself over, by the time i finally got back home after that exhausting trip of absolutely nothing for all my efforts i took out all my anger and frustration on the dino’s in the game close enough for me to grind into the dust.!. lol

Erlidomimus: A superhybrid
I Rex: A hybrid
Mammoth: A Cenozoic
T Rex: A dinosaur
Spinosaurus: A dinosaur
Erlikospyx: A superhybrid
Hmm… easier than I thought


Velosrhacos: “It’s finger lickin’ good!”
Stegodeus: “Back in my day…”
Phorusaura: “Hi! Attack Bye!”

Wooly rhino: Tat! the new rat! (coelodonta antiquiTATus)
Dracoceratops: one and only
diplodocus: G O D
monolometradon: just no.

Indo G1: Incognito raptor
Indo G2: Albino incognito raptor

Tryostronix: Mutant zombie Bary thing
Postimetrodon: Mutant Long leg crocodile thing
Grypolyth: Mutant Zombie croc thing
Purrolyth: Long legged mutant zombie croc