Desert contest!

Hello everyone! I have not been on in a while but just got back from a trip to Arizona and it gave me an amazing idea! I noticed there aren’t to many desert animals in Jwa and I thought I should do a little contest to see what desert creatures/hybrids you can come up with! Before we start however there are a few rules.

  1. The hybrids/ dinos can be of only the following rarity: Epic, Rare.
  2. They MUST have something to do with the desert.
  3. The stats must be reasonable for the rarity of the creature. For example, a rare creature cannot have 5000 health.
    4)You can use Jwa toolbox or your artistic mind.
  4. THIS IS A MUST you must have… FUN! This is a safe place so don’t shoot down peoples ideas or say that yours is better be supportive and I wish you all luck!
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Laso this contest will end March 5th

Sorry not laso also

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You should make it a little sooner

Ok the Feb 28

I think this is a cool idea but why is there a 5000 health limit on rares? 4 rares have over 5000 health

Here’s mine

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It was an example

So I don’t see a rare with like 10000 health

The Mononykus attack is more than its health :astonished:

Yeah ik I did kind of overexaggerate it

Great job so far everybody!

Can we do the voting now please?



sorry i havent been on in a while voting coming out soon!

i think rares should be allowed to have 5000+ hp, i mean look at Argentinosaurus,Amargasaurus and Giraffatitan