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Design contest #1 THE RHINOS 🦏

Alright this now a fashion well more like model contest; anyway this contest is to see who is the best looking hybrids
First the rhinos

Credit to @NiceGuy for that monolorhino screen shot

So who is the best looking

  • Brontolasmus
  • Mammoterium
  • Monolorhino

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monolorhino looks so cool.


Honestly the best (next to allor) design of any new hybrid introduced this patch it makes terium look like :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

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Here you can see the animations and video of fight.

I’m in love with Monolorhino. Its got a really slick design. Definitely my favorite design of the new 1.11 hybrids. Mammotherium looks awesome as well. Brontolasmus is really ugly, not gonna lie. Its feet are just way out of proportion.

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For me, mammotherium is best, because I love natural-looking creatures, with no weird colors

A rhino with a monk haircut is natural. Noice

they were talking about the colors

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I forgot sarcasm is pretty difficult to convey through text. Mah bad

How does brontolasmus have more votes than mammotherium? It’s basically elasmotherium but with 2 extra horns

Cuz while mammother is cooler, lasmus is 110 times less ugly