Design Idea For Indoraptor Gen 3

Hello all! I know people aren’t really big of fans when it comes to gen 3, but I have an idea for an Indoraptor Gen 3. I was looking at concept art made by Karl Lindberg for the Indoraptor and I thought that both could work well for the gen 3. The frilled one would obviously have a dilophosaur parent and the spiky one could have the Scorpius Rex as a parent to maybe give us the Indoraptor hybrid that CC was hinting at. Leave your thoughts down below!


Oh yeah, I forgot about that, oh well. Definitely a Indoraptor Dilophosaur hybrid would be cool though

Idk why it would be called Indo Gen 3, but here you go, my idea for one.

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That’s actually a pretty good idea for it, nice!

Thanks! Was inspired by the Tyranno + Raptor, though again I dont see how it would make an Indo Gen 3.

I dont want to see a bipedal indo, it scares me