Design JWTG Bosses for JWA

With non-hybrid legendaries being a possibility, JWTG bosses can be added to JWA as playable mini-bosses for players who can’t unlock the Apexes. I went ahead and designed by personal favourites, Omega 09 and Alpha 06, I’d love to hear your ideas for the other bosses in the comments!

I really wouldn’t want code names for their actual names though. Mortem Rex is actually a cool name. Alpha 06, Omega 09 not so much.

Lol they could rename them Igneus Rex (Volcano Rex) for Alpha 06 and Imperium Rex (Power Rex) for Omega 09… they’d prob still use the same models tho

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RS seems OP on Omega, ngl.

Now you’re talkin :fire:

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What’s RS?

Oh wait. VS

The basic in Omega should proly have a 1 turn cooldown and then maybe fierce strike, otherwise these are pretty good

Omega 09 just became playable in JWTG and it looks insane, is it coming to JWA soon?

Maybe, but it’s a bit of a stretch even putting it into JW: TG

Don’t see why we can’t have a JWTG and JWA crossover given that a lot of JWTG hybrids are in JWA and JWTG added super hybrids from JWA

We don’t really know if these examples as crossovers, they could just be making use of the fact that JWA already gave them ideas, Quetzacoatlus didn’t have a hybrid for ages until Ludia said screw it and gave us Pteroquetzal

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regardless, I’d really like to see Omega in game, would make a cool battle against the apex bosses

short answer: no
long answer: mortem rex. also, no.

alpha 06
same stats as above except has 2050 dmg
group fierce strike
Ferocious impact
Group Shattering Rampage
Haunt (target lowest hp: DoT 25% for 1 turn, Rend 25% in armor piercing dmg, attack 300%)