Design Spino

Okay, so let’s imagine that you - yes, you - have been given the job of adding Spino (the Spinosaurus from JP3) to the game. How would you stat her up, what abilities, and what rarity?

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126 Spd
1400 Str
3900 Health
10% Armor
20% Crit

Minor Wound (1x Dmg + 10% Bleed 1 turn)
Precise Rampage
Instant Distraction

I actually like the JP3 Spino a lot. >.>


You should have at least these two skills:

Exploit Wound: reduce life by 20% each turn, for 3 turns and leave the opponent vulnerable, it seems little, but the next blow is what will make it terrible

Rending Takedown: destroy shields. inflict 0.5x of sufficiently max HP as armor piercing damage.

two shifts and your opponent is dead, clearly with damage reductions you can get rid of this, and with cleaning skills too, even so the damage will be quite serious, I would recommend that you have Precise Rampage, Cleansing Impact or regeneration in the final slot to deal with to immune dinosaurs too.

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