Desk Hunters Unite!


What’s your strategy when hunting from your desk job? I want to dart everything in sight, but I run out of darts too quickly! Other than buying darts or taking walks at break time, what’s your strategy?

I’ve been trying to remember not to open incubators until I have room for more darts. :smiley:


I don’t have one. I am in the middle of downtown Rochester, NY and everything is somehow outside of my 200m range. -_-


Maybe use the new scent devices?


During one of the last updates when the moved some of the drops I weas given a home drop and a work one. Sweet.


This is my solution:

Hard on the darts, though.


I try to take my time darting to get as much DNA as possible while using the least amount of darts, always hold some back in case a rare or epic shows up at work…'cause it happens. Open a couple incubators. Oh, and go out for lunch! :grin: That’s my work day.


Scent capsules aren’t good at work or home, cuz I run out of darts.


I run out the back door of work for an epic that is reachable on the other street but I stick to darting rares and common components to epics and legendary’s from my desk.

I have my darts filled when I start work and then go out for a 2 mile walk at lunch and dart pretty much everything and grab 20 to 30 drops. Some days I hit my coin limit by the end of lunch. If not, on the way home.

I’m usually too busy to open the game and play at work. Now I have a new project starting so I barely play except during lunch.


I’ve gotten pretty good at aiming carefully to conserve darts.


To each their own. They’re great for me. The alternative is to not dart at all.


The scent capsules are okay at home if I have a full supply of darts. My driveway is 150m, so we only get a few dinos a day on weekends.


I try to get as many 3 and 8 hour incubators as I can ready for work breaks. This will give you 10 or 15 darts each to work with when your away from drops. Free incubators are 20 darts but I prefer to open them quickly for the cash and 15 min are too quick for me to let them take up one of the incubator spots for long


I am lucky! Got 2 supply drops in front of my office, so I have a fresh supply of darts every 15 minutes!


I usually wait for some rare creature to appear, but I now use 1 scent capsule a day


I am lucky too - one supply drop accessible from my desk and another by walking 5 metres :smile:


Current view from my desk :rofl: :rofl:

EDIT: Both strike towers are the same event Pterosaur Strike (5 battles, incubators at 3 and 5); I was alternating between towers as they are both in reach and the battles went 1 2 3 3 4 5 so I ended up with two incubators at the 3 stage :rofl:


That’s nice! If it’s not break time, I have to make up an excuse to ride down the elevator and walk 100m across the parking lot to get a supply drop. :sob:


I had a solid incubator strategy in place this morning, and then my daughter opened them all in the car when I asked her to get me supply drops. :sob::sob::sob: