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Deskilling JWA: Playing Boosted Thor = No Strat

Have you come across a boosted Thoradolosaur with a speed over over 150, and attack boosted to goodness know what? Have you come up against them in every battle in a row, and lost every single match. (Fun game isn’t it?). Ludia you have totally de-skilled your game. How much strategy does it take to decide if you you’ll Impact or Rampage to OHKO your opponent, or should you use that Instant Charge - well you’re faster than everything so don’t need it anyway. How much fun can it really be to 3 kill your opponents teams every time you fancy it? What SKILL, what STRAT, what TACTICS do you need to play against people who are trying to play fairly. ABSOLUTELY NONE!

The only thing stat-boosts have done is enabled people to CHEAT at your game! Remove the cheats and lets get back to fun and fair battling.


Dodges and dracoc**t are still way more annoying. At least people with boosted Thor’s paid for their victories whereas those others just are lucky and use cheap shot


Hmm, dont you have to put the effort into collecting that DNA first? Thor was never meant to be fast. DracoC was one dino that was usually dealt with easily and dodges are just RNG spam. This game was designed on luck to make money and it worked. As the poster said, what skill was left has now gone and it has become pay to win in the fullest sense now


There are methods how to stop such Thor = Stegodeus with armor will survive first attack + speed down … Indominus can hide and kill …
The method to make the game funny is suggest:

  • have the super Thor ready in your team
    -do not play it, until oponnet play the super Thor as well
  • try to win without using the Thor, but have it ready

Those 2 could work, but the Super Thors I’ve run into also had major attack stats too…damage 2k plus…I dont have anything to withstand that yet

Instant distract them.

Either way, it’s pathetic. Especially as it has absolutely no other use than boost the players tiny ego. If you need that from a game… seriously??? bring on your Thor and be pathetic.

I’ll be sitting on the other side having a good laugh over how pathetic you are and thank *** I’ve got an actual life :slight_smile:


Sucotator is my only dino that has that that I can remember, but hes on the bench cuz my Spinota is stronger…

I just lost 9 battles in a row due to Thors with 150 plus speed…and other assorted dinos with 150 plus speed…my highest speed dino is 140, the Indo…my Thor is 130

I mean currently I’m of the mindset “If you can’t beat em join em” :man_shrugging:

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Come to the dark side. We have cookies!!! (And boosted Thor and Dracoceratops)

(I don’t have Thor)


I don’t want Thor anymore, I didn’t want Indos or Dracos either because they’re far too cheaty. I only want to return to good balanced and fair competition (yay for the last Tournament at least) where we can have fun. Fun! Do you remember that?!! Not this constant frustration and disappointment that you’re out-matched by nooby stat-wrangling yet again - there ain’t NO skill in that.

I hear ya. At least one player in our alliance has become intolerable because of it.

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  1. It was always pay-to-win
  2. Nuking is always a viable strategy
  3. Playing with resources given to us by the game is not cheating
  4. It’s never gonna be “fair” or “balanced” when some people can just buy their way to the top

Oh yeah let’s remove everything but commons. :sob:

Upnext: Leveling your dinosaurs past level 20 = No Strat!?!?


Lots of dinos are op highly boosted. Indo, Thor, Tryko, Erlidom, Preceratho, ect. Whine about the boosts, not the dino.

The problem is when you let people manipulate game mechanics they will always over-power the most powerful creatures, take it as a lesson in human nature. Players should never have been given this power and unfair advantages over others - nor is a ‘boost war’ the answer. When creatures players have manipulated the game so that that can 3 kill whole teams (without any actual skill) you know the game is very very broken indeed.

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Your joking right


Nah I have beaten a boosted Thor one-on-one against my Procera.
RNG was on my side with the Dodges :sunglasses:

Sadly Dodging and RNG doesn’t really account for strategy, that’s just good luck. Yes I can beat some of the cheaty speed-boosted Thors from time to time with strats, but for the most part they’re paying a pointless chomp, chomp, chomp win (and if they want to be lower than low throw in a boosted Draco). Zero strat - maximum gains. And it’s absolutely KILLING this game!

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