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Despawn Timer for 1.6


There it is… the most frustrating thing about this game:

Walking in the cold to catch an epic and having it disappear right as you get within reach.

Thanks for the temporary daily coin bonus but if you want real progress, this is the way.

If not for all creatures, just the epics. I’m sure making this happen is within your capacity Ludia.

Biggest change I hope for 1.7

That’s a great idea. Let’s help the spoofers out more so they can post on their forums the coordinates as well as how much time is left for their spoofing buddies.

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Pretty sure spoofers don’t need the extra help. This is for the people who actually go outside and want to enjoy the game.


you really think the spoofers sit and cry when they dont get there justin time and an epic unspawns? or they just fly to the next state over and find another one :thinking:


Yes!! This!!!


This is the one enhancement I just don’t get (sorry Hersh); I actually think it adds to the game - you get the epic within your range - do you risk getting closer and have it despawn or do you go for it now especially if its been there for a few minutes? There are much more pressing concerns such as getting rid of the strike towers once complete and fixing speed and damage indicators (and lets not forget nerfing Draco Gen 2 - I’m joking).

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As for most frustrating I would go for having to restart the game after battling before you can use Alliance chat (90% of the time, or at least so regularly that its not worth typing the message without restarting).

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To clarify … you would rather chat than catch an epic you would have otherwise missed out on?

(*Under the assumption progress is linear)


I have an epic despawn on me maybe once every two weeks … I have to restart the game to use chat at least 20 times a day - how much hunting time does that waste? A countdown sounds a little mollycoddling - but hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion.


I’ve always thought all they would need to do is to make the little yellow spot under the dino pulse faster as it’s about to despawn… doesn’t seem too hard - but then again - Ludia.


I actually like that! Even if it just did it for the final 5 seconds so you had time to launch - would still give you the unpredictability of “is it worth going for it” but would give you the chance to salvage some DNA :+1:

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It’s a little late for 1.6 or it’s already in (assuming 1.6 release is close).

This is needed but I would make a tweak. I don’t want exact timer, too easy to abuse. I don’t want to give more advantage to some (and there are not only spoofer FYI).
I’d go with a two color scheme. Green if the pop will be here for more than 2min, red if he’s going to de spawn in less than 2min.
This way you know if you see a red flag you’ll dart as soon as you are in range and otherwise you could go to the Dino. If it turns to red you’ll know you will have exactly 2min and can play accordingly.

It would take away a lot of frustration without giving to much. It would end the “OK let’s walk to it” “oh it despawned when I was 60m away”


@Rantz & @quakeur

Yup! Totally guys. A timer (in the traditional sense) was just a idea but something indicating that a Dino was at risk for despawning is really all we need…

As you said… easy to implement and less likely to be abused

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ya’ll need to think of a way for them to make money off of it or you are wasting your time


This is why the devs need to keep an eye on the forum … problem raised, problem discussed, problem solved.

Creatures stuck in strike towers - make towers disappear once used!
Despawns without notice - add an imminent despawn indicator!
Speed and damage indicators wrong … just make it work!

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Make it a VIP only feature ?? :man_shrugging:t4::sweat_smile:


Make it a VIP feature?

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Is that great minds think alike @Hersh or idiots seldom differ??


Potato :potato: tomato :tomato:


That’s what I was thinking. They already had “epic notifications” in the data mine for VIP, this would be another big advantage. Especially with as many people that have said they dropped it lately.