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Despawn timer


add a despawn timer for rarea and above, it sucks to head to a specific dino just to see him despawning after you wasted your time getting there

Can you put on a despawn timer?
Can we revisit the topic of spawn timers?!
Get a TIMER on spawns!
Can we please have timer on Epics in wild?
Can we get timers on dinosaurs please?
Despawn timer on dinos
Ludia, for the love of all that is holy
So tired of spawns disappearing after I go out walking to get them
Despawn timer for epic and/or rare creatures

Wish I could upvote this a lot.
Had that happen far too frequently - once when I was a car pasto mesenger and got driver to divert as a favour … when we got there dino had gone & I had to apologise to the (non JWA playing) driver for a wasted detour


It would be nice to have something like that fir all dinos. My heart broke when a RareDilo vanished on me.


I am totally in for the despawn timer. There have been so many cases where I am near the creature and trying just to get in 50m range and poof!!

Also, recently I have encountered many epics which only spawn when you come in proximity (like 20m to 50m). Some of them appear to disappear as fast as they appear!


YES, PLEASE. I hate walking all the way over to get a dino only for it to despawn seconds before I reach the minimum reach area.


It is really truly frustratijng experience to walk all the way to within 50m of an epic Dino just to see that it just despawned, can’t Ludia put some kind of indication as to when a Dino on the map is going to despawn?


Totally agree. Just to know if I need to click the launch button when I am at 149 meters or if I can walk closely to have more battery to use on that dino.


In their defense, if you were out in the wild and were trying to catch an animal and they noticed you coming, they’d probably run away and “despawn” even though you spent time getting there. They’ll say the dinosaurs are doing the same thing in the “wild” of JWA. :joy:


I love the idea of a despawn timer. It will work great for Epics. But I notice rares and commons change type in exactly same spot when part of day changes. Still great feature if we can have it.


This morning at my hotel, I was waiting in line for breakfast. I check my radar and there is a Trex down the block. Didn’t know how long I had, so I skipped breakfast got out of line, and ran/ sprinted to the Trex. I sometimes forget how long running takes in comparison to biking. Good to be in shape haha. If there were to not be a despawner, a simple three color coding would be enough to let us know. Just like the traffic lights we see today.

green: means you got time, that dino just got there and is ready to chill for a bit

yellow: you got some time, but hey I might dip pretty soon

red: pick up the pace, I’m about to go full houdini


Love the idea please devs make it happen
For 2 times 2 epics(concavenator.rexy) just disapear when i was really close to dart then


When you select a distant Dino there is plenty of room on that screen for time remaining.


Not sure what are you talking about… As far as I know, the time left is visible just for the weekly special events, not fot all the dinos in the wild. Could you please send a picture to explain your thought?


Seriously ENOUGH with dinosaurs despawning as you approach. Yet another T-Rex despawned before I got to optimal range (as dictated by you, so launching from maximum distance is antithetical to your own mechanics) after hauling my broken behind out to get it.

Either make it so selected dinosaurs don’t despawn until you dart them, or easier for you guys PUT A BLOODY TIMER on them!


Don’t know how to send a picture about it but it is a suggestion that Ludia adds a timer for wild dinosaurs just like the green events have already. It looks like @David_Courtney is mentioning that there is room for a wild dinosaurs timer.
Good luck hunting and may the epic dinosaurs never despawn before you get in range :blush:


Seriously… put a damn time counter on epics… stop sending people on wild goose chases only to make the damn dino disappear right when I get up to it… you guys are starting to piss me off with the stupid little crap


There ARE time counters on Epics. It’s happened to all of us. You knew that already, noone else cares. Move quicker.


Pics, or it didn’t happen.

I’ve never seen a counter on any dino in the wild. I just saw an epic Spinosaurus today, didn’t see a count down. Luckily I was close and was able to catch it, but it would be nice to know what kind of urgency we have with them. I don’t need any spine gen 2 DNA in particular, but feel I need to rush to an epic before it’s gone.


Juck doesn’t know what hes talking about… there are no counters… dont even try to spew the blah blah check websites blah blah… you turn the game on the epic is already up there is no time count down move along


Do you see a countdown timer? Cause I dont