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Despawn timer


I totally agree. That drives me so crazy when I try to get closer to an epic and it despawns right in front of me.
That happened to me with ouranosaurus (twice at least), sinoceratops (three times) and some non-for-hybrid epics, that I don’t remember.

Every time I sent such an angry ray of hate to the devs that their karma should look like a cheese full of holes.


Like would it honestly kill them?? Players have been begging for this for months. It’s ridiculous.


They’ve been busy tying bows on all the orange and green supply crates. No time for this kinda stuff yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One issue is it would allow spoofers to know time remaining on the Dino’s they’re teleporting for, getting coordinates from discord. So maybe only show timer when it’s 2.5 minutes left.


Good that you at least had time to take that picture…


I screenshot every epic as soon as I see it. Try to keep track of what epics I see each day and where. Not like taking a screenshot takes an amount of time that would have made any difference. :roll_eyes:


one button, one second.

what sort of phone do you have? is it steam powered? is there a crank?


I love you. My knight in shining armor, my hero, my champion. :kissing_heart:




Bumping. True problem happening…


Ludia can we please have wild Epic and above Dinos timer on them when they gonna disappear?

I just walked out of office meeting and that Ankylosaurus gone … really I opened app, saw him and in 1 mins he was gone.

Please do something for it ASAP.


Mate we barely have epic spawns :joy: they should increase spawn rates first, and then yes, they could have some sort of timer i guess lol


But thats the point for me. Very low spawn rate and on top when leaving meeting in office for that Epic and he is gone is more of a problem (when you actually putting your job on line by doing this; and if no job then no spending in game, so Ludia will lose)


Not sure its a good idea to risk your job for a game lol find time outside of it to play… but thats how i do it. If im at work, im actually working lol


A timer above dino’s is not gonna happen. It could lead to chaotic situations of people running/cycling/driving like crazy to get there in time. In terms of traffic safety, this will not be good.
If you missed it, just take your loss and hope for better days.


Yes yes… let’s not rag on @NiceGuy about ditching the meeting. It all probably could’ve been covered by a team email anyway.

And who wouldn’t have at least thought of doing the same thing in his position anyway ?? :sweat_smile:


(Revert to original spawn rate and an epic timer please)


I think this is not going to happen cause Ludia is well awared on the trick to restart the app in order to cancel the current dna gained and try again, so having a timer will allow crazy re-doing before time will rum out.
Currently, if somebody want to try the trick, he can have as result a 0 dna gained on that dino cause maybe it despawns in the time you restart the app.


I was never aware of it and even now as I am aware; I will not risk restarting app middle of darting :slight_smile:


I don’t believe the dinosaurs have an expiration. That implys Ludia store 100 millions of dinosaurs their location and duration. Which would be an expensive way to code it and burden many servers. They just remember on your client which spawns you’ve done. Spawns being Google data points shops bus stops etc. That’s why you can data mine your clients and get the lookup because it’s not server side.

You turn data into creatures. GPS coordinates and local time and just a lookup table. Each spawn point has a Dino. If you’ve done it you don’t get to see it but someone else can.

What they could do is not expire dinosaurs while in the launch screen.


What you are saying is a valid point!! Currently people do not restart app for non-park epics due to the fear of them not respawning post restart.
Including additional check/code to prevent this might be difficult for them!