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Despawn timer


I know how the code and other internal thing works. At-least those high category Dinos like Epics should have in game on client side timer implemented. Don’t display on top of dino but when you check/click on them then display.

At-least this will avoid frustration and also will not add load to their (already struggling) server.


As I said what they can do is not expire when it’s on launch screen. That’s what I’m calling the screen with a button called launch. You get that when you click check them. If it doesn’t expire provided client isn’t stopped no need for timer.


Hmm if i had known you can restart!!! But seriously that is cheating. And what a way to stress. Imagine restarting like 5 times and then it has gone. I remember tryna get closer to a raj and it went and i was mad! Ha i quit the game for a day lol. But yeah i think once you send that first dart make a code that basically makes it dissapear for you as they do anyway once you collected dna for it that way we could have timers.


No, we would just have a chance to get it from farther away before it disappears.


But there will always be people trying to get a little bit closer and being reckless.


I don’t know how to ask them to implement this.
We’ve been asking for half year to add a timer :frowning:


i had always assumed that they already were on a timer, and if you only see them for one minute, then you just happened to wander along at the end of said timer. the dinos are going to appear where they appear and when they appear on the map - you being where you are, and when you are, is irrelevant, technologically speaking.

put another way, if a dino appears in the woods, and no one is there to see it, does it make a sound?

this is all conjecture, of course, from my admittedly post-copernican revolution point of view.


Yeah but that happens now too, so there is no taking away that small fraction ofa percent of people who are reckless.


I think a timer on epic dinosaurs it’s a good idea:

First because if you know when the dino expire, you can program a better or safe route to get that dino, obviously if you have vip it’s a little more easy to reach the dino and dart far away, but if you don’t have VIP it’s more complicated to reach the dinos.

Second, the timer will help to determinate if it’s convenient go and catch the dino so that way you can safe your time on catching something else

Third, I don’t see what it’s the biggest problem on implementing that feature, if Ludia can support it why not? allready they implemented the timer on scent capsules so…


So I’m lying in bed, very comfortable, and messing on the game, nothing good in my area so I battles 2 fights. Get done, open incubator, go back to map, and Bam free Sino! Soni jump up, throw on clothes, get in the car, and drive the 200 feet to the dino, AND it disappears right before I got there… It couldn’t have been spawned more than 10-15 minutes at the most. But that is the most aggravating thing ever! We should have spawn timers for wild epics so we don’t waste our time!


It just needs a small countdown bar under the dinosaur so you know how long you have. It’s very frustrating.


Exactly! It needs something, because it is maddening to rush for an epic and it disappear.


Or at least some animation when it’s left less then 2 minutes. For example dino starts to walk around.


200 feet - and you used a car … Why? You could walk there in less time it takes to get seatbelt on and fire up the engine
Plus 200 feet is within normal 150m range so no need to move other than to try & get more darting time / DNA.


It was 200 feet outside of my range, and I live in the country on a long road, where walking would mean climbing over a neighbors fence and going through their yard and then walking down the street. Not everyone loves in the city… Driving was way quicker, and it meant going out, clicking on dino, and then turning at the intersection.


I live in a rural area, surrounded by farms, but no way would I get in the car for a small journey, 200 feet out of range is still less than 300m (if take max VIP 200m). Even allowing for detours its still not going to be much more than a quarter of a mile. You either have the drive everywhere mindset or you dont


Recently had an ourano despawn on me after darting a utasino 50m away i would of been so mad if i ain’t already unlocked the green chicken