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Despawning dinos


Can we lock the dino when we get to this part please?? This would be a solution to despawning


But then people could just sit there and wait.
Even when they turn their device off.
That could be easily abused…


Good point. What about, when we get to this screen, we have 5 minutes to dart it. That’s enough time to get as close as possible without the dino getting away

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Easy solution!
I just hate when theres a Baryonyx and it despawns right infront of my eyes!

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I lost a kentro yesterday because of this. I got mad and I think it needs to be fixed

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@Sara , since you’ve read this, could you pass it on to the devs. And pls comeback with an answer?? Thanks!

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That would be nice.
Dinos Despawning…
That needs a topic!

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@Wilshire1966 neither she nor I can come back with an answer but we will pass it along.


Or once you bring the dinosaur up on that screen it’s locked until you Launch your drone. Until you press Launch your location is still being updated so you can close in while remaining on that screen. Basically you’ve committed that you are going after that dinosaur so it is locked but only until you Launch your drone or choose to leave that screen to do something else. Going to a screen to do something else unlocks the dinosaur and it could despawn.


exactly, thats what i mean

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