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Desperately need help with team and how to use Smilonemys!

Hi Guys,

I desperately need help from you all to what to use in team and which dinos to boost. I am losing badly especially after reset and getting frustrated seeing 142 speed magna 3 level lower than me and making mess of my dinos, then its just an example. Seeing all sorts of high speed dinos and Dracoceratops.

I am really thing about adding indo g2 in my team replacing Thor or Dio? and how to use Smilonemys? Or replace him?

Currently Thor, Dio, Indo g1 and g2, are all unboosted though I did boosted tier 3/3/3 on Smilon and he is still crappy with really low attack :frowning:

I got 1000 HP, 1200 ATK and 1500 Speed boosts left.

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They really should buff it in some way next patch. I tried mine out, and it needs a bit more attack


Lol - I hope you’re kidding. Congrats on putting together an amazing team! And yeah, you should play with IndorG2. I have one on my team that it 5 lvls lower and it still slays.


Yeah I wish I had your team bro. Maybe ditch Thor for that erliko.

Replacing indo for indo g2 even at that level diff also makes sense.

GL. Many seem to be plummeting right now. I think it has to do with the recent boost sale.

Or maybe swap dio for erliko - being that smilo, aregent, tryk have you covered as tanks

I would put gemini and indo gen2 on the team, they are in the top of the meta even If underleveled. You could replace Thor and indo, since indo gen2 is better and Thor is not that good in this meta. But that’s up to your preferences. And yeah, nemys could get a damage buff next patch.

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Both the tryko and the indo g2 were unboosted… i had definite rampage up next turn… and my opponent choose to dracocera my almost dead indo g2… which i promptly 1 shot with erlidom…i won 3-1 but it was my level 20 indo g2 that set it all up.


My ig2 is only lvl 20 also… near lvl 21, wasn’t sure if it would cope with my team so underleveled.

I’m sure I speak for many we need more Blue dna now xD


Well the 1st thing I would do is use your super magical “not at all spoofing” powers to find 36 more Turtles and level it up a couple more times. After that just practice practice practice

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I am not kidding, Smilonemys really lacks attack even at boosts 3/3/3 and level 27. I hate that how much time and money (in travelling) I spent hunting for Carbonemys. Really in current patch not worth the efforts when I have already other tanks like Dio …

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I always feels like Erlikospyx have hard time staying alive. Like Erlikodom can cloak but Erlikospyx just could not save himself from dying :frowning:

May be still try him out but even for trying I have to spend some boosts for him else he won’t be able to do mostly even a single hit. That’s my worry now.

Indo g2 at level 26 will be better than indo g1 at 30? I was thinking putting both Indoraptors in team replacing Thor and/or Dio with Erlikospyx in team too?

But then I will be boosting both Indos and Erlikospyx too. even for testing :frowning:

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Wow, I think level 26 boosted will be good then :slight_smile:

I gave up already, too much hassle (won’t be a hassle if I was going super magical route);

I believe you will not understand how much time and efforts I spent thinking about reaching somewhere near top without much spending in game (fuel and travel costs still there) but now gave up on it.

Also I think that even level 30 Smilonemys will not be too good in this current patch at-least.

Yeah, amazingly It is! My lv 20 unboosted( cause I’m afraid of a possible nerf, take that into consideration) indo gen2 is doing quite well in my team of lv 23-25. I think Dio might be worth keeping, It saves me many times haha, but that’s for you to experiment. Also, keeping both indos is not a bad Idea either, indo is very strong right now, even If not as good as indo gen2.

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Further suggestion guys about any improvements and where I should spend my remaining boosts?
I did spent my lots of boosts mainly speed on Erilkdom and Magna plus HP/ATK mainly on Tryko, Maxima; now have some wins and gained some trophies; now at 5600+ trophies

Here’s my team:

Indo G1, Erlidom and Magna are all 3/3/5, Utarinex is 3/3/4
Diora, Tryko and Maxima are all 3/3/0
Indo G2 is unboosted as I just can’t decide what to do with my 8th slot; I was running with a L28 boosted Tryo but seem to get more favourable matches with Indo G2 in the slot - its not too shabby either.

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Thanks, now I have more input to think about.

I did boosted my maxima 2 times for speed which put me 200 short on speed boosts but I think maxima with some speed can naturally out-speed Thor in standard cases.

does anyone that has him have a good idea for how it allocate boosts on a smilonemys?

To me he need more attack and little HP boost. Speed enough to outpace those 141+ speed Thors etc. As he likely can’t beat speedsters from speed but from his armor, ATK and HP.

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