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Destroy all stat boost

stat boost really kills the game by this point
Ludia should remove that junk from the game ASAP!
Without stat boost pvp would be atleast much much more even,and monolometrodons and thors wouldn’t be a problem anymore,ludia if you’re reading this please remove stat boost from the game,it would make the game a lot better.


As much as I love the idea of ridding of those burdens, there here for the long haul. If ludia rids of em the’re will be a major demand of refunds as some people have spent hundreds of dollars on em, and so ludia a company that needs to make some profit, will lose a lot of money. I just hope eventually this little problem will be figured out


Players that have stat boost will get dino bucks as a refund 100 bucks/boost

im pretty sure everyone would suddenly have a ton of dino bucks because they really enjoyed putting all their speed booat into thor and only thor when clearly there is other dinosaurs in this game that is just as powerful as thor

Still, can you imagine how upset players would be if they spent hundreds on the game and then they’re refunded with practically worthless dino bucks? They spent money on boosts, if they want to spend em on bucks that’s fine, but they spent em on boosts not bucks


So if stat boost get removed players who hate nitro boosted dinosaurs will be happy but players who spend time and money on boostong their ddinos would get really upset? Is that what you meant?

Removing boosts would cause outcry because you’d be telling players that their getting a refund, but they don’t get that value back. Imagine a supermarket sold everything in existence at full stock, but then suddenly they took all of everyone’s products back that weren’t destroyed. They gave everyone their money back, but now they can only purchase Hot Pockets. Also Apex raids would be dang near impossible without them, as they’d be somewhat RNG reliant.


Never! A couple reasons

  1. This is the obvious reason, but besides VIP this is Ludias main way to make money off this game. Some players wait to get enough bucks or they’ll just buy it from market. If they removed boost expect to see exclusive creatures behind paywalls.

  2. Battles would take ages. I hate the default level (aka Skills) tournament, although fun at times, they take way too long and they give me a headache after awhile :joy:

If boosts were removed, the game would need a major reset. From Raid strategy to campaign missions and honestly they’ve been helpful to me. Especially in strike towers.


Here is the perspective of someone who has a full team.of boosted creature and lives in the wrong side of the world: removing boosts will not make arena more fun or better. It will make arena more RNG dependent and rewards players for being in the North America continent.

Boosts themselves could be removed and replaced a better speed tie systems and some minor customisation options on dinos. So that solves the arena issue but doesn’t solve the financial problem. Even refunding every boost with 4000 HC per 100 boost points will not make players very happy since it effectively removed their creatures power by 50% so Google and Apple will have a lot of angry requests for refunds. Next part is HC sales, since those who would buy HC now do not need to given they will have easily 100s of thousands of HC, Ludia loses that revenue stream for at least a few months if not a year.

So Ludia is going to lose huge amounts of money for a year from the moment they remove boosts. Not.talking small potatoes like a few million but 10s of millions if not a 100 million from lost revenue and refunds.


Yup, basicly shuting down the development of the game. If they make less money of the game then what they’re spending to develop it and keep up the servers it makes no scense to keep it up they would shut it down and there goes the entire thing.

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So what ur saying is if stat boost got removed many players will get upset,and ludia will lose lots of money.sonit’s a lose/lose situation?

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Boosts are actualy a realy nice concept they were just pulled of realy badly, they would intrest the endgame players for longer for example

They should have been by percentage instead of flat ammount and there should be arena and boost caps

Also metrodon will still be ridicilus even after boosts would be removed boosts just contribute to it, the entire argument “it’s the boosts not the dino” is untrue in basicly every case the only one where it might be true is thor


The Apex bosses require some highly boosted creatures to even work, regardless of the strat.

Apart from losing a lot of money, removing boosts would require a complete overhaul of the game at this point.

So please, people, Stop. Asking. Ludia. To. Remove. The. Boosts.


Maybe not loose tho players would defenetly want refunds(even if they gave em bucks), but not gain any money cause theres nothing to buy? Yes

Obviously they won’t do it they have to make money and that’s their way of doing it.

Removing boosts would make apex raids pretty much impossible, would destroy ludia financially as many others have said, and remove variety from arena.


Thor, Indoraptor, and in rare cases Mortem

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Thor i think is infact a problem of boosts as chompers in absolutly no way should be able to outspeed a cunning(exept i guess a sloth)

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Indo is a plague to aviary, and Mortem is a better Thor, that Spyx better be ready

Don’t worry my 22 spyx is already chompin trhu thors