Destroying statues - why the changes?

Until very recently, we could build, then destroy many statues for a handsome net gain in raw amber, especially level 3-4-5 dragon statues. This is now a thing of the past: if you destroy your dragon statues (maybe any statues), you now suffer a net loss in amber. Why did the developers feel the need to modify this?

Also with regards to Eret’s Boat and its upgrades, players wanted a way to polish amber faster. The upgrades as they now stand offer absolutely no gain in polishing time, and so are of dubious, if any, value.

These two facts are the (very) low points in what is otherwise a great update.

I totally hear ya. I am FURIOUS with the change in statue destroy reward. This is NOT a bug that needs to be fixed. It’s an Easter egg!

Having been playing this game for more than 3 years, I’m getting bored and the only motivation to keep on playing is to unlock the shellfish, which requires an absurd amount of polished ambers. I need 1300 polished ambers and if I run Eret’s boat in full everyday with making 6, it’d still take me 7 months to achieve it. Luckily I was able to destroy upgraded statues to get a net gain of raw ambers, so that I would always have enough raw ambers and didn’t have to rely on the pathetic amount of ambers from the legendary dragons and some daily reward/tasks. As a matter of fact, I recently bought a package of 4,500 runes just to speed up the process of making polished ambers. But now it all changed !! I can get AT MOST 2,000 raw ambers each day and it will take me at least 2 YEARS to unlock shellfish!

I regret every dollar I’ve spent on this game. I make in-app purchases in order to get a better player experience and to support a better development of the game. But what has the develop team been doing? Can’t they focus on some real issues like the hackers (do a YouTube search and you’d be amazed how they get unlimited supply of runes), the ridiculous consumption of data, and the nightmarish connection issues rather than modifying some features that are at the players’ advantage? Why do they exacerbate the player experience that is already problematic? This latest update completely pissed me off and I’m NEVER going to spend another cent on this game !!

Destroying statues was actually a big exploit to farm Amber. We made the necessary changes because it was affecting the game’s economy. We are constantly making changes to improve your game experience, please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can make Rise of Berk better.

Thank you @columbob and @Chinook_Chen!

I don’t really agree with the depth of this change - you could have changed it so that destroying statues at least gave back what was invested in its construction, in case we needed the room on Berk or for other reasons.

Polishing back the raw amber is also a huge time-sink, so yes we could farm, but there was a big caveat.

As it is, sources of raw amber are pitifully few, if not outright pitiful - Goober’s rewards each give 6 % towards a single polished amber, which is useless by itself; at least you can do something with 15 runes. Seasonal statues also give very small amounts, all things considered.

The amber system has been with us for roughly a year. In that time I’ve managed to make about 700 polished amber altogether. Granted, I only had 3 Legendary dragons for most of this time, but I’ve unlocked the next three in the past 4 months, which gives me about 600 more raw amber a day. Still at this rate, I don’t expect to have built the necessary level 5 statues to unlock Shellfire even a year from now: I still need 1,170, in addition to spending 120 on the Spring statue. It’s a bit ridiculous really.

Thanks @Marcus for explaining. It all makes sense now that you said “it was affecting the game’s economy”. Of course, Ludia would like players to buy Ambers with $$$ rather than self-sustaining the Amber supply for Eret’s boat. After all, the game is a business and there’s nothing wrong with earning money. I hope this recent change will bring Ludia more income, although it PISSED ME OFF and is the end of my spending any $ on this game.

Also thank @Marcus for making such a great joke:

There is some truth in it. But the overall ridicule just makes me LMAO.

I’ve been playing this game for 3-4 years now. During that time I’ve never been more upset with an update as I am with this one…

The amber system as a whole is a joke. We get a max of 2000 raw amber a day with all legendaries and seasonal statues and the pitiful amount we get from Gobber’s Duties. Yet each update gives several statues that combined need over 1000 polished amber to complete. Thats 500 days worth of amber. When you count what we get from releasing dragons, then each update will take about a year to get the amber for. Even the Shellfire requires 1,530 amber to build if you do it with the cheapest statues. That’s over a year’s worth for the majority of players. Do you see the issue with this???

Right now if I wanted to build all my statues it would take over 10,500 polished amber to do. It’ll take 8 or 9 years to make that. And that’s not counting the 50 species statues left to be added to the game. At current rates I won’t be able to build these statues in my lifetime. It’s not that I don’t play the game much. I have 54 dragons at max level 134. I finally have Shellfire unlocked. I’m sure my amber levels exceed 95% of players. If it’ll take a lifetime for me to complete a statue collection, I’m sure for many it’s gotta be worse.

The issue with this update is that Ludia decided to make a change that isn’t needed while ignoring the issues that are actually causing problems with the amber system. Sure it’s great that we can convert multiple amber at once now. I love that. But how many of us actually have enough raw amber to convert to actually need that? If we only get a few thousand amber a day, that can be easily converted during the day and we don’t need to have conversion running at night. On top of that, converting multiple amber at once is worse than one at a time. One at a time we can use speed ups after two hours. So 12 amber a day. Otherwise converting at 5 amber at once we get less than 7 amber a day.

Upgrading Eret’s boat should make conversion cheaper and faster. THAT IS WHAT PLAYERS WANT. Each upgrade should take 100-150 raw amber of the conversion cost and 30 minutes off the time. So a level 5 boat allows us to convert 400-600 raw amber in two hours for one polished amber. That way we actually get to enjoy the amber system and build more than three statues.

Destroying some statues used to give a profit. Sure, we could get 300k extra amber from destroying a max level dragon statue, but it would take months to even get back the amber that was initially invested. And even more months to convert the new amber. It’s hardly a game breaking mechanic. I never viewed it as a bug because of that. To me it seemed like compensation for losing out of the polished amber and taking months to rebuild it. In my opinion that should be what is returned for destroying a statue. The same amount of polished amber needed to create the statue to that level. This allows players to actually have fun and test out different statue combinations.

Truth be told after 3-4 years I feel my time in this game is coming to a close. I’ll stick around to see how the next update changes things and the new movie. But it’s become obvious in the last few updates that the developers have lost touch with what players actually want. I hope that changes but I’m hardly holding my breath.

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Exactly, could not have said it better.

As it stands, the boat upgrades are nothing more than a useless gesture by the devs.

And pray you don’t build the wrong statue by mistake, for all the same reasons explained.

Most dragon statue effects are kind of worthless anyways at high levels, because they’re for junk dragons with low gathering stats - even the boost from the statues isn’t enough to make them worthwhile. Maybe useful for lower level players, but then these players have fewer ways to earn amber, so maybe not.

I have to disagree with the people saying the change to amber was bad. You should never get MORE when you build and destroy something. Thats just good gaming 101. There should always be a penalty for building something then removing it.

@Em13 explained very well: you lose time when you destroy a statue. Even we get back the equivalent amount of polished ambers in the form of raw ambers, we still lose all the time and effort. And time is money. What do you think most of the in-app purchases are for? For speeding up! I read from the previous posts between Marcus and Chinook_Chen that this change is all about money. I can see that. Today they put the winter statue for sale of $16.99. If you definitely want it but are short of polished ambers, it’s time to pull out your credit card. Now you understand why they must make this change: if people can convert 6~12 polished ambers a day without worrying about raw amber supply, most would be able to get the statue within 2~3 weeks and not many people would actually buy these statues anymore.

I’m upset not only with this change in destroying statues, but also that they were not honest with us and didn’t mention this (to me the most important change) at all in their Release Note

Anyway, I don’t have much to complain because I’ve only spent less than $50 during my 3-4 years of playing this game. But I hold the same feeling as @Em13 that it’s about time to come to a close. It’s a good game ruined by a bad develop team.

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I just did some maths to compare the value of the different rewards given for accomplishing Gobber’s tasks (60 raw amber or 15 runes), and to show how truly pitiful the raw amber is currently doled out in the game.

For Legendary dragons, assuming you had none of the items for any of the first six legendaries and you wanted to buy them with runes, you’d need 175,000 runes. Using Gobber’s tasks as a measuring stick, you would need to accomplish 11,667 of those tasks.

Now for the Shellfire, we are asked to spend at the very least 1,510 polished amber to unlock it. Still using Gobber’s tasks for comparison purposes, you would need to accomplish 25,167 of those tasks.

So essentially the base asking price for the Shellfire in terms of in-game resources is more than twice as much as for the other dragons.

The big difference, however, is that we can search for the usual collection items to unlock legendary dragons. For the Shellfire, we’re stuck with Gobber’s rewards, whatever the other unlocked legendaries bring back, a few calendar gifts, releasing dragons, and some Gauntlet rewards.

Here’s another example of how raw amber is treated in this game: my current game’s 1$ offer is Torch, along with 1,792 runes, 216 Odin coins, and a whole 431 raw amber, or less than half of a polished amber. How is that even close to equivalent amounts of resources? 1,792 runes can get you a long way in the game, it’s even enough to outright buy some dragons, unlock training spots, or new islands. What can 431 raw amber get you?

80% return on cost would be fair I guess. But not in raw amber as mentioned this would take forever to convert again. Or better still the ability trade statues (Exchange one statues for another of the equivalent cost, plus maybe an amount of Iron/Wood/Fish).

Would be great if the statues also increased the time a dragon collected for, where a dragon like the Seashocker could reach above 8 hours (time needed to sleep/work/school).

Good idea!