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For giggles I starting a chart of my own Dinos. Listing requirements to level along with where they are for Specs. This is only anecdotal; please help us fill it in.

These is my listing. I don’t know if other will have different numbers.

Please add to it. This is a Google Sheet.

Mods if you want this down I will freely comply and stop sharing. If it started getting out of hand, I will block all editing, and invite in on a case by case basis :frowning: ain’t no one wants to do that.

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Wow. Great effort. Thanks for doing this up.


Thanks to those that looked over my sheet, and any people making additions. It’s a fun activity in-between battles and hunts


Thanks so much…great work… :slightly_smiling_face:


I am adding data to the sheet.


Looking good. I like the more simple format on the Table. When I’m on a desktop I’ll add filters for search too it.

Thanks all that are using, and please add to it


Wow, this is fantastic!
Great work, and thanks for starting it!


Thank you Jorge,
Just added some more. Fusing my first hybrid-dino.

Going under a redesign in the create sheet


This is great - a note is that Ludia recently posted about a wiki with a lot of this info:


And bump. I modified the “Create” list per Trent’s design. It cleans some stuff up. Also noticed that increases to health and damage is around 5%. I have hopes of a comparison tool.

I know this runs parallel to the wikia. You guys are awesome with your tool set too!

Party on Wayne. Game on!!


I don’t want to displease the Mod-gods… bumping again.

For those newer to the board, the OP was my Google Sheet, listing many dinos and their strength and damage by level.

I am working on a battle comparison; essentially a stack rank of your dinos, and their level. If both are on my original sheet, then I can compare the roughest and toughest.

And an FYI, while my Velo is high, it’s not in my battle group; and a Stego will take down a Velo any day.


I did some work on it last night and started filling in some missing dinos and numbers. I hope you don’t mind that I also made it alphabetical. It made it easier to see which dinos were missing. I can keep working on it later tonight.

Did you want hybrids on there too?


I noticed the added work. Thanks.

I added the filter back in.

No please add away. Hybrids are on another page, just because it’s possibly a different workflow. I only have 1 hybrid myself.


And another update to the Dino Directory, notable a link to YOUR OWN BATTLE SHEET!!

This is designed to copy into your own Google DOcs environment; so you can track your own Battle Team DIno and Levels. It will highlight your Best by Health, DMG, Armor, Crits.

May the odd be ever in your favor. See the Yellow Cell in the Communications tab for your own link,


Trying to keep things positive.

I see a lot of dino DNA getting filled in. Thank you all that book mark and fill in my sheet. I can’t play often enough and see many of you have filled in my mid level Dino’s already.

It’s been over a week since I last gave this a BUMP.