Detective Pikachu

Just watched this, really liked it, pure fan service the whole movie. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it doesn’t compel me to re-instal PoGo, but if you ever played the game, or are playing it now, you will love this movie. :heart_eyes:


Also, did you watch the Direct? They revealed a lot!

:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:…love the random topic…and yes this movie was more fun than the current jwa state of the game.

watched it. liked it. still play it.

Watched the movie.
Never played PoGo.

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Snap !
Me , the wife and our eleven year old son thoroughly enjoyed the movie , and we all still enjoy Po Go :slight_smile:

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I did play PoGo again after the movie. Just to capture a bunch of sleeping Snorlax.

I still play POGO. Getting my second account to level 40 soon.

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If a new hybrid comes out and it’s mainly yellow I’ll nickname it “Pikachu”

I still play PoGo, just not as often as JWA because there are never any Pokemon or PokeStops around here. Feels bad, man.

Back on topic though, I enjoyed the movie. Part of it was filmed near me, so I can get some pretty cool AR shots.

I loved the movie! I still play PoGo, although I missed Community Day yesterday to go on a big group bike ride. Biking > PoGo, at least for me.

I even have a Pokestop in my area named after the game’s developer! :joy:


Yikes, infiltrate now!

That’s pretty neat! You didn’t miss much on Community day. Shiny Slakoth, meh. But the egg hatch x4 was insane.

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I played a little bit tonight and noticed I was getting 4,000 or more points for every stop spun that I’d never visited before. I don’t keep track of the events so either it’s one of those or a glitch.

I remember an event like that before, I went from level 32 to level 36 just from spinning drops with the xp boost.

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