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Deus Irae looking for players

I’m a co-leader in Deus Irae. We have 5 open spots and are looking for motivated players who contribute well. We do all Raids weekly, discuss strategies, and actively participate in the tournaments. We need 5 players with 4000+ trophies and a solid array of dinos to add to our alliance. The 10 tournament takedowns are a requirement to stay in. Active donating and requesting is encouraged. If interested, reply here with your username and I’ll know who to accept. Thanks!

Still looking for good level, active players. Anyone interested? Put your username in the reply and then go request to join!

Can you tell about your tournament scores

We almost always reach 380,000 tournament points total. That’s the silver incubator just before the last two gold ones. But lately we’ve had a lot of inactivity from some players so we’re looking for ones that contribute.