Develop: Indominus or T-Rex+Velo?


What would you suggest: Should I better develop my T-Rex (lvl 15) to 16 + my Velo (lvl 17) zu 18 OR save the DNS for Indominus Rex?

Does it still make sense to develop the Indominus or are T-Rex and Velo better?
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If anything you get an achievement for collecting dinos. Indominus Rex is such a gamble dinosaur to use in the arena. Question is, do you want the indoraptor in the future?


It’s your preference. However, with the current nerf to everything having to do with Raptors, it is a bit of a waste of DNA to level it up past 20. Trex is slightly different, as leveling him higher could benefit your tank killing potential. Your end-game goal, if you care about reaching higher levels in arena’s, should be to work toward an Indoraptor, which requires a level 20 Indominus Rex and a level 20 raptor. Leveling a raptor, or when it comes down to it, a Trex past the required guidelines for creating/putting DNA into an Indominus Rex to get him to level 20 for the Indoraptor would be a waste of DNA.

Summary: Try to get that Indoraptor. Leveling a raptor past 20 would simply be a waste of DNA, especially with the recent Raptor nerf.