Developer notes in future patches

On the slim chance that somehow a Ludia employee ends up reading a forum post…
Is there any way you guys could offer a brief summary of decisions around Dinosaur tweaks?

For example:
Thor Bleed Resist: We felt that Thor was underperforming for X reason, and wanted to see if Bleed Resist would balance.

Pho: We’re giving back Rampage and Run because of Y

Smilonemys: Margery from accounts was bitten by her cat Archibald Whiskersmith the other day, so we thought we’d teach all of catkind a lesson.

I’m sure you guys have good reasons for making the changes that you do, but this latest patch has a lot of players confused. Perhaps a glance behind the curtain would help some of us understand.


I agree, if any developers do read these please, please, please… try and listen to some of what us players say. yeah, I understand that there are a lot of things that we all ask for and want to be added or changed. And that doesn’t help with how hard and of the developers work, I do understand that rendering models and fixing code may not be the easiest thing in the world and quite frankly sucks… but a lot of players and fans have so many concepts and ideas for additions to the game that can make it a much more welcoming game to play. and if things get better I can believe that people would be more willing to spend money on the game (i know that’s one thing ludia wants).

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I definitely agree! Also if any forum moderators are reading this please pass the message :smiley:

I’m convinced that cat thing actually happened …


Yes please, communication is key! If we could understand their madness, maybe we could finally communicate in a way they’ll understand.




But in all seriousness. I think an explanation on big nerfs/buffs would be awesome!


Ludia will select buffs and nerves in a kind of lottery🤷🏼‍♂️

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Absolutely 100% agree with you @BojangBugami
I have asked for some kind of explanation so many times though, and nothing has been forthcoming so don’t hold your breath!


Yes they should do this! It’ll help us understand if they actually put thought into these and don’t just pick randomly from a hat


Is it possible the reasons to tweak are financially motivated (somehow), maybe via access to some big data analysis. Then imo the reasons might not be so forthcoming from the company.


But they can at least come up with some kind of excuse, right? :joy:


It could be that, but I can imagine sensible reasons for the changes too.

At the moment it just feels like arbitrary whims because we don’t know where they’re aiming.


Even if this was the case, I would still want to know. It might not make Ludia look great, but at least we’ll know how they think. Then we could frame our arguments around things that actually matter to them. Like “Monolometerodon needs a nerf. It’s so good that people aren’t investing in more expensive uniques.”


Perhaps monolo is one of the money makers for the company lol, we just won’t know as long as the real data is not revealed. Tho all this is just pure speculation at this pt. I remember procera was the bane of arenas before it was finally nerfed after a long time, and much complaining. Players celebrated like crazy, I imagine of course haha. Perhaps monolo is now one of the new proceras.

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That smilonemys explanation is probably the most likely scenario, no joke. :joy:

It would also be helpful if the notes lined up with the actual changes that made it into the update.