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[Developers] Stat Boosts 2.0

Hi everyone,

We understand that some of you are puzzled with the update to our Stat Boosts system.

Since the introduction of stat boosts, we have monitored your feedback so that we could change the system for something that would align better with your expectations of customization, not downgrading DNA value, ability to reset progression.

To get you involved, we shared our design intentions on September 27th where we provided information regarding the new mechanics - . An additional Q&A was provided on October 21st to address remaining questions following this initial announcement.

Since we realize this is an important change to a mechanic you have all gotten used to, we decided to remove ALL Stat Boosts and give them back with a multiplier of x1.5. This means that someone with a total of 500 Attack Stat Boosts split on creature and in bank, would get 750 total.

We also made sure that the total Stat Boosts needed to max a stat became slightly lower going from 2046 (in the old system), to 2000 (in the current).

Finally, we are going to change distribution to be slightly more balanced.

We continue to thank everyone for their patience and understanding throughout these changes.

Sincerely yours,

Game Developers


There are some vocal yodel heads on these forums but these changes are a dramatic improvement and I for 1 appreciate what you’ve done here


Thank you. Can you elaborate on this…



Change in distribution probably means upping the number we get in incubator


@Ludia_Developers No, the only reason you did this was because you wanted extra money since we already had our teams end game boosted. This is the only true. Your greediness is endless :rage:


We are not “puzzled” with the update. We are pissed off you robbed us by drastically dropping the in-game value of the stat boosts after we bought them. You conned everyone and pushed out two stat boost sales right before the update in order to skim money off people before the change. A x1.5 multiplier means nothing if level 1 now costs more than level 4 use to.


Thank you for addressing player concerns. It’s a bit jarring to not get back to the power level you once were. The value of boosts has decreased in the lower levels compared to what it was. What is going to be the game plan for addressing this? Are stat boosts in the shop going to cost less?


Thank you for listening to us. I can be critical of Ludia but this is a really refreshing and welcome update.

For those complaining:

  1. Everyone has been refunded their boosts equally. Everyone has to spend the same boosts to level up again now. It’s a currency reset. No one lost anything it’s just on a different scale now. Credit @Tielenaar for this explanation.

  2. It was UNFAIR before as players with lower levelled creatures could boost them to gain advantage in battles (and thus placings) against higher-levelled but less boosted teams. That was wrong as it undervalued going out and hunting.

  3. any player that is now losing placings due to this is going to be upset but needs to appreciate they should never have been at that level in the rankings in the first place. Without boosts you would be where you find yourself now. Boosts gave an unfair advantage over levels in the way that they were implemented previously.

  4. yes progression of levelling tiers with the new system will be slower, but that’s the point. To stop us reaching the end game so fast. No you will not be back to where you were in terms of S/A/H in a week… but neither will anyone else.

If you’re upset by this update, please put your personal pride to the side and recognise it was unfair before. Go out and hunt. Level up your team as the game is supposed to be played. You’ll see the rewards.

Thanks for listening @Ludia_Developers and for squeezing in this update.


Thank you for the much needed changes. I would prefer no boost at all, but I understand it has to stay in order for this awesome game to survive.

Personally, I think this is a better boosting mechanics than the old one.

And well said @ResearchGirl


Wow, this account actually gets used?
Sorry, kinda distracted by that.
Thanks for the update! Love you! :kissing_closed_eyes:


THIS, you can’t over boost your level 23 and destroy a lvl 28 because yours is more boosted now.

Now you have to put in work, so many of the people complaining are newer players that haven’t been playing the game since launch. You all have it so much easier than we did. Stop acting so entitled.


What happen to my stats boost I didn’t even get back what I had on my dino I done with this game


So you have mentioned that it is now cheaper to reach max boost tier by 46 boosts, you have failed to mention that reaching the tier below that will now cost over 800 more… In fact the boost cost is more by ridiculous amount at every tier except max tier. Thanks to another user for posting the below chart showing these costs. Honestly most of your player base did not have max tier boosts before and you should have aimed to keep tier 8 (that was pretty high for most players) to be around the same cost as previously. So under the new system tier 16 should be around 510, if we divide 510 by 16 its 32 boosts per level (rounded up), if we look at how many boosts we got in dbis over a week (28) then its 8 days of just dbis to level each stat once and that feels alot more achievable. Could the development team please reconsider the cost per tier under the new system as at the current costs it doesnt feel like the strategy of having a boost ceiling based on your dinos level will come into consideration for alot of players within a reasonable time frame.

TierNew. TierOld. OldCost. NewCost.
1, 1, 2, 100.
2, 2, 6, 200.
4, 3, 14, 400.
7, 4, 30, 700.
12, 5, 62, 1200.
15, 6, 126, 1500.
17, 7, 254, 1700.
18, 8, 510, 1800.
19, 9, 1022, 1900.
20, 10, 2046, 2000.


Then something couldn’t work.
I don’t think that I only have ~1200 Boosts of each category since April.

It feels more like a multiplier of 0,5x


This doesn’t seem like a post from someone at Ludia at all. The fact is they changed the usefulness of something people paid real money for. Its like if you when to a fair and bought 10 tickets for rides that cost one ticket each, then when you get inside they tell you every ride now costs 5 tickets. They don’t want you to reach the end of the game because then they cant skim money off you. If they cared about the end game they would add more dinos.


Again, bad comparison.
New currency, completely new way of thinking. Forget what you know, just give it a few days until you finally understand that everyone has the same as you.


Business strategy as always peeps


I’d like all my stat boots that I paid for and earned fair and square please @Ludia_Developers, I’m a long time player and have spent a lot of money on boots etc but now I just feel like I’ve been robbed, not happy at all.


It’s a feeling, I understand.
Now look at the facts, and try to come to the same conclusion.