[Developers] Stat Boosts 2.0

Nor do I, but hey ho.

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@LudiaDevelopers: you asked for feedback, but you never actually provided any useful data to base feedback on. I’ve already written about this, but I’m happy to cover it again:

  • you didn’t provide any information on how impactful in terms of power reduction would this update be
  • you didn’t provide any information on the “bonus” multiplier you intended to use here
  • you didn’t provide any information on how boosts would change before pulling out a 4500 hardcash sale a couple of days before the reset

You keep asking vague questions and exploit answers given just to steer the game in the direction you want to steer it.

It was proved that an equivalence for a speed 7 tier with the old system would be a 17-tier with the new one. I had 6 dinos at speed tier 7, and I’m expecting to have the same 6 dinos at a 17-tier speed. You don’t wanna go this way? It’s ok BUT GIVE ME MY HARD CASH BACK

I’m NOT ok in investing the equivalent of 2000 Hard Cash to gain 1 tier in the system. I’ll never be. It’s stupid, it’s senseless, and it’s just greediness from the company.

Next time you wanna get feedback, try write this: “in Phase 1, for 2000 cash you had a +100 speed, which was enough to bring you very close to tier 6, an awesome increase in stats and a game changing investment. Now, in Phase 2, for the same 2000 cash you’ve already spent (no, we don’t give you back anything) you’ll receive a wonderful +150 speed, which you can use to buy +2 Speed. Happy? Please answer yes or no”

And you’ll see HONEST feedback.

Then, it’s democracy. If the majority says “yes”, I’m gonna shut up.

But nothing of this was done. It’s disgusting, also because you keep pretending you’re just doing what we asked.


3 words… Class - Action - Lawsuit


You need to increase boost rewards from daily incubators. Only 4 for having 100 boosts per tier doesnt cut it anymore!


Earlier it costed 126 boosts for level 6 but now it is 1500. So, instead of having 4 dinos with level 6/6/6, we may now only have one or two boosted dinos to that level. So this is definitely going to affect those overboosted people.
Also it costs 2046 points now to 2000 points earlier to max a dino. So this is useful if and only if you max a dino. And only the least percentage might max to that extent.

And people saying we got 1.5x the boosts and we must be happy about it. Yeah, we got 1.5x but now the cost increased to 100 per level instead of 2, 6, 14, 30 etc., Unless we get rewarded boosts from the strike towers/incubators in multiples of hundreds, there is no way to achieve previous levels. This is actually good for FTP.


Still possible:


No one has lost money or boosts. You have the same number of boosts. It just takes more to level up a single stat. Ludia have just changed the way we have to use them.


Yeah but if they continue to sell boosts at the previous rate 500 hc for 25 boosts what you used to buy… 2-3 stacks isnt even enough for for 1 boosts… so we could see some new distribution… like sales for 20 usd or 2k hard cash for 100 boosts. Hitting the store soon.


I’m not a Ludia apologist, I’ve been very critical of them when I believed it necessary, I think most of us had voiced issues… the game needed this, if you dont like it you’re welcome to your opinion, doesn’t mean your right


Not only possible but with the change in value of the boosts and Ludias refusal to do hard cash refunds… its way more likely google or apple will side with you now.


We don’t know if they’re staying the same or not yet, so we’ll have to wait until the next boost sale.

Myself haven’t spent a coin in the game since introduction of boosts this spring.

Now I’m free player.


Hey I hope you all are listening.

Nerf the dracorat! Or give some new great counter moves to our beloved uniques to make them think twice. This creature goes against your balance not needing speed.


I didn’t know you could get dna and lvl dinos up I just max boosted them :joy: good video there stiff.


Well, I admit that it’s ethically wrong to sell you something announced as one thing and then change this thing, even if they change it to everybody, it can make a difference in the way you planned to improve your creatures. So that’s one thing. But it doesn’t mean you’ve been robbed. It only means the product has changed, and they can do that however they want… I’m surprised the rage only happened now. We knew it was gonna be like that for more than 2 weeks… 100 boosts per tier… They told us. I guess not everyone read it.


Lol! This is not a message from the game developpers.
Developpers implement what has been decided by designers

Yes, that’s the point


sorta feels like the issue here for players is they purchased something or said value, and now they have something of a way lesser value. the amount of boosts etc are irrelevant. what players purchased and worked hard for was the value of the boost, not the boost itself. personally i think this change isnt bad but i completely get why some are up in arms over this. especially if they now need to spend double what they already have spent to get the same value they originally purchased


I don’t mind if the product changes before I buy it. If I buy it, I don’t want it to change.