[Developers] Stat Boosts 2.0

So far I’m down for this change just my opinion. As I don’t want lower level teams max boosted smacking me up. And I don’t even want to smack higher level players around either. Just please overlook the dracorat/procerat for the long term view I think they can cause a imbalance in this system still. Long term not short term view.

I had a good time unboosted, even reached a new high score :joy:



I’ve really enjoyed playing JW Alive , one of my favorite apps. But changing the rules and resetting is just not acceptable. Unfortunately you’ve lost a customer.


Far too few boosts given to the player.

AI still has 4+ boosts, making AI fights in lockwood damn near impossible. 25 smilonemys with 4/4/4 = lol bye team, 3-0’d.


I like others paid for boosts would buy some once a week when on offer. Now I am unae to even boost my strike team and level 26 means that

this happens their is no way of boosting overall and it is nothing compared to the boosts b4 all of my DINOS were boosted even slightly but to go from needing 2 boosts for a minimum when your paying 500 for 25 boosts to then go go a minimum of 100 for a minimum that has just percentage wise in cost an extream in inflation. What we bought is not what we paid for. Yes it’s happened to everyone. I do not think it was fair to change to 100 boosts per level


Great job Ludia!


Its called “Relative Power”, if everyone’s dinosaurs are “made weaker” then nobodies dinosaurs are made weaker.

You cant have your monster Thor and arena balance! Either everyone has OP dinosaurs or nobody does, this is called - Balance!

I understand why players would be pissed about the change but this is for the overall good of the game going forward, do you really want those massively boosted Thors and Rat still around?

Like when everyone was raging to get rid of those super boosted Thors that were killing arena balance…they didnt ACTUALLY think they would get to keep THEIR boosted Thor…right? thats not how balancing works!


I have the same problem. They took away most of my supply stations and moved the rest out to the limits of my range. They dispense fewer darts too. Also removed my sanctuary. I used to find 3 to 5 dinosaurs each time I logged on, today none. This update broke the game.


If you move around, you will find many more dinos. Seriously, it’s almost annoying while in a moving vehicle. I am exaggerating here, but it feels like pop ups went up by 2000%! I believe that is a ploy to deter spoofers and get players back on the move, which I believe is how they intended us to play.



But the rat is doing just fine now. Still with tons of HP and attack. It’s even more difficult to deal with it now. I wouldn’t call that balancing…


Hello Research Girl (great rival when we face).

I think the opposite. Now the teams with more boosts purchased will be even better compared to the stronger teams but with less Boosts.

The calculation is easy. Someone who before the update had 510 boosts spent on speed (or any of the characteristics) of a dino had level 8 of that level, while someone who had spent 126 had level 6, that is, two levels higher. Now those 510 have become 765, which gives for level 7 almost 8. Meanwhile, who was 126, has 189, level 1 almost 2, that is, 6 levels higher.

Before, at first the “millionaires” had a lot of advantage over the “poor” (or those who do not want to spend a fortune on the game), but as the level went up the thing was equaled so that, after level 7, a the “millionaires” increasingly found it difficult to level up. In the previous example, when the millionaire had bought 504 more boost, he would have gone from level 8 to level 9. Meanwhile, the “poor” would have obtained 126 more boosts going from level 6 to 7. The difference remained. Now, the “millionaire” with 505 boosts will rise 5 levels, up to level 13 and the “poor” will rise with 125 one more level, going to level 3. The difference between one and the other will be 10 levels.

The change aims to “millionaires” continue to spend a lot of money and is a lawful objective, but do not tell us that now teams with a lot of level will evolve better than teams with less level with a lot of boost because it is to take us for fools.


Yeah Rat is Lydia’s boost mascot, so it gained the ability - Immunity to nerfs lol.


If this was actually relevant id agree but there was literally a thread from a guy stating his max damage boosted draco wasnt doing as much as it had listed like an hour after the update went live.

My first match was against a draco with a ton of boosts.

Unfortunately Ludia protects Rat at every turn, it literally drives sales.


Isn’t Australia home to hundreds of the deadliest creatures on earth? Certainly you can find a way to kill a rat?

Missed you @Stiffeno haven’t talked in forever!



To be completely honest most of my rat killer simply arent getting the job done anymore… so draco has become more of an issue with this new rollout not less.


Just the ones on land and sea and air are deadly…and the snakes, and the jellyfish, and those ants that can cause anaphylactic shock (got bit by a couple once but not allergic) lol

Great talking again also ^_^. Just thought I would come here and try and show that the new changes should improve the arena (I normally wouldn’t defend a Lydia change lol).

Edit: However rat is always in Ludias good books being the ones driving boost sales.


We’ll certainly see soon. I really believe all this is an extreme over reaction. First, let’s see how this plays out for a few weeks after people actually start boosting a team. I don’t know anyone personally who has used a boost yet. I have seen some pretty crazy screen shots that make me scratch my head, but no one of any consequence has fully boosted a team yet. There are many factors that need to be thought about before assigning hundreds of dollars and personal time and effort into a viable strategy.
I’ve said many times tonight, at first glance the cost seems out of proportion for sure. But, many times @Ludia_Developers have gone back and made adjustments when they were warranted.

Everyone needs to calm down and breath it all in. I have enjoyed my non boosted teams very much tonight so far. It’s been a delight to see some balance again. I understand several players have experienced strings of losses and matches they felt were unfair. I believe those are part of the growing pains in restoring players to where their teams should be at based on level.



Perhaps giving that Draco still may be a problem, maybe this time around health boosts will be the best stat to go for? where as speed was king before.

I knew players would 100% max boost their rats and Thors again, but at what cost? how will it effect their team strength overall when those aren’t draw?

But yes if I still played I would do a TON of matches and maybe wait a decent chunk of time and see how others around me are building their teams and make changes based on that. A new Meta will emerge and builds will start surfacing that are generally good in various situations.
Defiantly wouldn’t be one of the first wave of mega boosting because it would be so easy to use them as a “test” subject.


For instance if Draco remains a problem, players might find tanks and armour coupled with decent health boosts are strong, which in turn will bring chompers like Thor, which in turn will bring the faster distractors.

Its literally at this point the players which have a large control over this new Meta, since what becomes strong and what becomes weak is entirely down to HOW everyone boosts.


I have managed getting into Library unboosted after months trying. Anyway DC is still an issue since I cannot shoot it down in just one hit. Boosted rats are still around although less frequent and powerful.

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