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[Developers] Stat Boosts 2.0



It makes no sense to complain about the boosts people. The mechanics changed, you haven’t lost anything. We all actually got 50% more than we had!


I’ve said this on another thread but il, repeat it here.

The boost change is to get people buying boosts again because the vast majority stopped buying them at level 6. The jump in cost from 6 to 7 just wasn’t worth it.

Pretty much everyone had their team boosted to 6/6/6 and a few other dinos too because it was affordable.

It was affordable for new players to boost from the get go too (well at least from level 10 when they reached it). Thus an incentive to keep playing, how many will do so now that it will cost 50x as much as before to boost to level 1?

I keep seeing people say “It’s the same for everyone, the way they’ve changed is better and fairer now”. Well to that I say that there were players who invested a fortune in boosts who will now have a massive advantage in the arena now. They bought boosts specifically for tourneys and now have them all back to invest in their arena team. Wait till you meet them and then tell me it’s better!

In simple terms think about this for a moment.
The cost to get your Dino to level 6 was 126 boosts.
The cost to get the equivalent now is 1500 boosts.

And you think that’s a good thing?
Shame on Ludia, especially when they say they’ve done this because we asked them to.


We understand it we know everyone has the same. But when I bought the stat boosts earlier they had a real effect on my team now they don’t even account for 1 level. It might even out in late game but that will take me probably a year plus of playing to get my boosts where I had them before. In that time the whales will have just maxed out again.


I wonder how much the boosts will be in the shop tomorrow…


Somewhere on the leaderboard there will probably be this kind of WALL.

The wall who separate those who spent and those who dosen’t.


Thank you for fixing the boost problem. It’s not perfect and it has upset a lot of people but it’s a great move in the right direction. Now the Arena will feel a lot more balanced.


Where you had them before? That’s all different now. Don’t compare.

I feel that they jacked up the prices of each stat boost while not compensating us with an equal amount. Sure 1.5 is nice but with 100 just for one stat right off the bat? I could understand if the cost was like this cause we get more from the daily incubators…but with 4 per daily it would take you 25 days to boost up 1 dino 1 tier higher…that’s a little ridiculous


Agreed but people don’t complain about that. The problem is with purchased boosts that had much higher value. With all refunded boosts you won’t be able to get your strike team anywhere close to what it was before the update. I really wish I never bought any.

Good luck with one shooting the rat now. Impossible unless you have T7/T8 speedsters.


This is absolutely a cash-grab. Anyone that thinks otherwise is a fool. Like several people have mentioned, anyone who spent real money on boosts just got robbed. At times I considered buying boosts as well but always decided against it, now I’m really glad I did.

That’s just dishonest business.

And yeah, the sudden change in power level is a shock. I’ve been in the same arena for months now and had fun going back-and-forth with it. There were frustrations when I would lose 4 or 5 in a row, but then it felt good to win 4 or 5 in a row. Since logging in a couple hours ago, I have fought 13 battles and only won 2. That’s no fun at all.

And make no mistake, even though people who spent real money are the ones that got hosed the worst, this absolutely gives the bigger advantage to people who spend real money. At the current costs, 2 years of hard work earning boosts won’t match what someone can buy right now (or just had refunded to them for the fortune they already spent).


Maybe im missing something, but this looks like a class action lawsuit waiting to happen


I dunno, I don’t see that as a problem since you can boost up to 30 now instead of 10. You’re less likely to see 135+ speed Thors and Rats now. I’m looking at the long term, not short term.

I’m not having an issue with Rats (yet), the few I’ve seen my Thor, Magna, Para, AND Indo took them out.

Boosts were never a good thing and always a money-maker. I think this change will be better, or “less bad”… Yes, the whales will have a huge advantage, but they already did before. Although, not all of them are spending every boost they have. Not yet at least… For those that are doing it, let them play amongst themselves with their new toys up there. There’s a limit to it, so eventually we’ll catch up to them.



Actually I did lose. I bought a lot of boosts with real money to make my strike team 7/7/7 and now our wonderful Ludia changed everything and my team is not even 3/3/3! It’s a robbery!


It’s just a number.


Yeah they should put the boosts back to where they were before things get really bad for Ludia eg loosing players, lawsuits etc I’m sure Ludia thought this new boost mechanic was a good idea but not for the people who paid real money on things.


No it is not. Before the reset I had 4 dinos that I could one shot the rat. Now I have ZERO. :frowning:


You’re not supposed to one shot a dino.