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Developing a pure hatred to this game :)


When it rains it pours? All the time?

Ranked 495 with a couple minutes left in the tourney. Didn’t place top 500
Took my 600 Erliko DNA and fused. 3 - 10’s
Epic Incubator #1 Grypo and Spino Gen 2
Epic Inc #2 Darwin
Epic Inc #3 Secondo and Concav
3 strike tower - 10 Erliko DNA just to rub it in

This lackluster update (outside of alliance stuff) has me the least interested since Beta. Just cancelled VIP for the last time.

My rant for the day. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


I’ve canceled VIP 3 times already… :smile:


I hear you I got over 300 secondo, and the rest was alanqua. It’s a complete joke.


Just wait till my secondo mates with your secondo. Everyone will be jealous


Dude no way I had 600 erliko and I got all 10s on erlidom too!!! I feel u dude, great start to a Friday huh -_-

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I got a bunch of Sino. Just enough to bring my Thor to 10 dna from leveling before i ran out -_-

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I got three 10s as well. Part of me thinks they had the game coded for that today. It’s still a fun enough game to play, but I’m done spending any money on it.


I had a little over 600 after getting the 500 today also. I bet against the house and won, finally. My last three Erlidom’s had been 10’s and I did a bunch of dracocera today and got 7 10s in ten fuses. Figured I was due to swing over to the higher numbers (yes, I know it wasn’t certain.)

Got 10, 10, and 50! Phew. That’s really 100 out of 6 fuses, though. Oh well.