Device not compatible (Telstra zte)


I love this game to bits and I was playing the beta before it was released. After the new update came out when it was released it said my phone was not compatible yet I was playing the beta. Please help I want to continue playing this awesome game


Hello, thank you for your support and interest in the game! I am sorry to hear that your device is not compatible.
I would recommend keeping an eye on the Google Play store, as your device may become compatible in the future!

If you would like to play sooner, I suggest playing on a different device running OS 7.0 or later. For the best experience, I recommend using a device that is also compatible with AR.

To find out more about Android AR compatibility please visit our FAQ here:

I hope you can play the game in the future.


Download the APK from APKpure. Thats the store saying that.