Device time may be in the past

I just received the error
"Network Error
Failed to log into game servers. Please check your device time as it may be in the past.

Error Code : 85"

When I click “Reconnect” I get the same error over and over again.

I was playing the game a few minutes ago.

I assume this has something to do with the change to Daylight Saving Time.

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My game is temporarily showing network error and I can’t get it off to get back in the game, anyone else has that.

I am receiving the same message.

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Same here. We are three players from one family, have 5 different devices. All have the same error


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It appears to be system wide at ludia, other games are also currently down. Hope they will be able to fix it soon

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That dont happen with me. Maybe you must check your device time and set auto update.
That is my opinion.

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Hey Vikings, may I ask if you are still experiencing this issue?

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It resolved at some point overnight.
This morning it was working fine, thank you.