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Devil’s Clasp

I have this at level 9 currently, giving the following powers.

Can you confirm how this is supposed to work? As I read it every time Farideh is hit then reflect will start. With all hits reflecting 50% back.

How long does it last for? Until the start of Farideh’s next turn? So if that turn is next then there is no benefit (no other character has had a chance to hit). Or does it last until one more full turn after Farideh’s next turns starts?

With reflect is 50% reflected causing half damage to be taken, or is full damage taken?The word reflect implies the former.

Opponent hits for 1000 damage; so 500 to attacker and 500 to Farideh


Opponent hits for 1000 damage; so 500 to attacker and 1000 to Farideh.

It lasts until her turn. It is still useful if she is attacked more than once before it is her turn. So in pvp, if all enemy characters are alive, and all attack her, the last 3 attacks will be reflected. Or if she gets attacked by someone with Fury or similar, allowing for more attacks on same turn.

She takes the full damage.


Thanks. It’s not true deflect then. Hmmmm.

No, it works as intended, it means you reflect 50% of the damage you received back to the attacker, you get hit for 1k, they take 500