Devious Strike!

So we’re finally getting a new kind of cunning attack in the game tomorrow (or today): Devious Strike! I’m excited that Ludia seems to have recognized that the cunning class doesn’t have a lot of unique abilities compared to fierce and especially resilient, so I’m glad they’re adding more variety (though I would have preferred an entirely new ability instead of just adding one that’s already in the game).

But thinking about Devious Strike, does anyone else wonder if it would have thematically made more sense as a move given to the Gorgonopsids? Since they have their sabre teeth, this could explain why the move increases crit chance. The icon even kind of looks like a Gorgonopsid mouth (or at least more like one of their mouths than Oviraptors beak).


They could always swap the Gorgonopsids revenge mechanic for Devious Strike, or keep revenge but give Oviraptor an entirely new ability. Or give them both Devious Strike.

In the end though, I’m not taking this idea very seriously. It ultimately isn’t a big deal, and I won’t be losing any sleep if it never changes. It’s just food for thought, and I’m always curious what other people think about these “what if” scenarios.

Best of luck in 2.4! Let’s hope they release more intentional updates than bugs. Peace! :v:


Indoraptor gen 1 could use this to be remotely viable unlike it is now


Yeah, that or gain it’s DSR back


It’s a pretty interesting ability. It’s one of the few basic moves that has effects lasting for more than 1 turn, and I’m pretty sure it’s the only one with 2 of those.
Unfortunately both the creatures that have it have absurdly low stats and are generally unviable.


I find it funny that the icon is a gorgonops but it’s for ovi they could have given it to Dakotanops and it all came out together…

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Well that’s why it was nerfed in the first place so I was thinking making it have devious strike so it actually has something decent or give it definite strike and cunning or now devious rampage

Yeah I hadn’t thought of that, but thats a great idea! Plus it makes a lot of sense, with Indoraptor being a Cunning-Fierce. Maybe we’ll see this change in 2.5 when they do more balance changes?