Devolve option to rebalance

So, many people are upset that they spent coins, time, DNA, resources what ever on Dino’s only to have them nerfed. Some people have floated the devolve option. It would be fair to have this option but (maybe) only in the case it has been nerfed (although an argument could be made that a buff for others is as good as a nerf for you but that’s another topic).
People made a choice to buy (with real money in some cases) a product but received something different. In stores this is absolutely grounds for a refund. Before people go down this road; I do think the changes are for the better and make sense (although SS with a 3 [or even 4] turn cool down would have been a less devastating and practical solution).
Some one mentioned they leveled Pyroraptor due to the Wound option that has been removed, this doesn’t affect me but it is unfair for them, it made sense at the time, as it was (in thier opinion) a smart move. Letting players devolve, would be not only fair but fun too, right? You could try out some new Dino’s and strategies.

hmmm… devolve but no coin return seems fair or not? @Aaron_Norris

No, the coins would be the point.

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pffft fat chance then haha. i support the idea though.

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Ha, I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that your not F2P?

im not a f2p player.

no i am not. i spend for enjoyment.

I simply dont see this happening… balance changes happen and dinos will go in and out of meta… supercell nerfs cards out of the meta then 2 months later brings them back…if there not giving refunds dont expect one here.

Everytime you over level a non-unique you run risk of that dino being significantly worse after a balance update and even uniques that are over performing could be adjusted… coins might be a grind but thats the point if something seems to be to good. Chances are its not gonna stay that way.

The flip side is if ludia decides they overnerfed something and give it a buff next patch… you can dust it off and bring it out and dont have to worry about leveling it.

No idea what super cell is but in every other purchase if you buy something that does not perform as stated you are entitled to get a refund (at least that’s the law here in Australia).

Sorry what’s the point? Coins are a grind or that things can change at any time at the whim of the powers that be? I thought the point was to decide upon and create the best team you could. Maybe there is a guess what may change in the future element I’m not familiar with.

The flip side is extremely underwhelming.

Supercell is the developer of clash royale a game this one has borrowed many elements from including coin wall, unlock times on incubators ect…supercell tends to be a more f2p friendly company and if they dont do it ludia wont do it.

If you read the terms of service to this game you dont own anything… ludia maintains ownership of everything even after purchase so your comparison to a store doesnt really work. Because your only buying coins, hard cash or incubators… regardless of the current meta… hard cash still buys stuff… coins still level dinos… incubators still contain dna.

I think if you have the expectation that what is considered a good team post 1.5 and what is going to be a good team post 1.8 are going to be the same your should revaluate your expectations. And building a balanced team with a few possible bench players incase the nerf hammer swings your way. Is always a better long term plan then putting all your coins into 1-2 dinos.

Building a balanced team and building a competitive team are two very different things that people need to decide between. Having 8 great Dino’s or 15 mediocre ones is the choice here. Obviously if you are prepared to drop more money into the game and buy a bunch of coins every now and then, then this is not a big deal. I take it you are not worried about forking our a little cash from time to time?
I dont think the fine print of Ludia still owning everything really changes the comparison to a store bought item. People (not me) paid money for coins to buy Dino x to because it does x, y and z but now it doesn’t do x,y and z.

I’m not actually that bothered by the whole thing it’s just the discussion and the ethics of the whole thing I find interesting. I hope I’m not coming across aggressive or anything I appreciate your perspective.

P.S with the logic of Ludia own everything etc
Can you imagine if Ludia just deleted a Dino or made hp1 damage=1. They could say, hey we own it we can do what we want with it. This is an argument of degree vs kind, really. It’s all just imaginary digital information you can’t really own it.

The fact is that 99% of the time noone is buying dino x… the vast majority of iaps are for cash and coins and cash and coins always do what there supposed to do.

And ludia could close shop tomorrow shutdown the game and take the game off its website. Not saying something like the is likely but its always a possibility when making purchases in mobile games. Its even happen with this devoloper… and it happened without warning.

100%, this will never happen.

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