Ability to remove DNA from existing dino in your collection
This will not cost coins, but will cost xp as you would have got XP from common levelling, hybrid fusing.
To stop it being gamed XP cost must be more than XP gained in creation of that dino (and mabe only get back a percentage of DNA that you “devolve” e.g. if devolve by 1000 DNA only get 500 DNA back)
This would be useful when dinos are nerfed, e.g. ankylocodon now useless, would be good to devolve over levelled one to get back some anky gen 2 DNA for other uses. It seems a common theme that a dino that is common / rare that is effective when over levelled is then nerfed by Ludia, so would be useful to claw back DNA ifit can be used onsomething else.
Similarly if someone has overlevelled a dino because it had no hybrid, but then tt dino gets a hybrid.
Over levelling can be fun (makes a change from using same old team, but if game dynamics change a lot it would be nice to get back some of that “wasted” DNA, otherise everyone will just sit on DNA and never try levelling anything out of the ordinary / using them in battles, just in case the DNA is later useful