Devolving A Dinosaur

The system for Jurassic World Alive is great, and personally I would like to thank the developers of Ludia for doing a splendid job.

Now from the title you already know what I’m talking about. The option to “devolve” a dinosaur whether it be common, rare, epic, etc. Some others and I all agree this could be a viable and balanced option for people who need the dna back from there previous mistaken level up/ups. I personally would be willing to pay alot of either Coin or Hard cash to devolve a dinosaur. Some people (like myself) have made the mistake of leveling a dinosaur past the needed level for hybrids. I understand that its a sort of teaching tool to keep players “on there feet” and learning however, it is an option I feel should be considered.

 Thank you to anyone reading up to this point, and also feel free to give me some feedback on what your thoughts are of this subject as well.
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I’m down but only if we get full coin refund!!! Prob never happen the level up buttons don’t have checks for a reason ROFL!!!

I agree, coin refund would be a great addition, but very unlikely.

It would be unfair to offer peeps to devolve, you would then have to start looking at refunding money if you evolved and levelled buying a one time offer, or evolved a Dino that was useful in lower tiers not higher… would also have to consider dropping people levels if 5e evolve levelled them up which means looking at the extra dna peeps gained as they were a higher level.

I like the idea

I had mentioned this as nice to have in the past, as you get xp for fuses / level up of dino, I suggested xp as the cost of devolve as need to lose the xp you gained, but no cost in cash / bucks. Useful for when Lydia downgrate Dino’s e.g. breaking ankylocodon immune shield & making level up a waste of coin & DNA. Also handy for Dino’s you level up as they have no hybrid and then a new hybrid added (Dino’s levelled for battle arena use e.g. I have L17 trice gen 2 from when I lacked epics / legendaries)

Good points, I agree that the loss of xp would be a cost, however the question is whether Ludia can actually go back in the programming of the game and change such things as the player level or dino level. I am curious as to hiw they made these systems when building thr game.

Instead of a devolve I think an ‘Are you sure?’ dialogue with a yes or no where the yes button IS NOT right where the evolve/fuse button is would be a major help and fix this issue. As far as getting back DNA I don’t think that’s fair. Though I’d think some system where you could pay coin/cash to devolve and only get a small portion of the dna back would be interesting. Or perhaps the same thing but converting Gen 1 dna to 2 or vice versa.

A simple fix would be an “are you sure” pop up when evolving. I dont know about not getting dna back when devolving, i think you should get at least a percentage of it back, maybe 50% or 25%.

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