Devs - why I would have supported your game but want to quit it

I love D&D, and wanted to love this game, but it really does not capture anything about D&D that people love about it. The art design and execution of it are awesome, and I will always love seeing kobolds and bugbears in any game. I got VIP since I was sure I would like the game, but after a couple weeks in I just want to quit playing. The pvp is laughably broken, and it would not be such an issue if so many rewards were not dependent on it. The pvp is also boring and having to switch gear for it without gear save slots is frustrating. The classes do not really seem to do what they need to. Healer cannot keep up with damage often, tank cannot keep aggro at all times, and dps seems to be too dependent on whether abilities kick in and when they don’t the damage seems less than it should be. There are some great things about this game, but the pvp especially turns people off. When I was looking up the game before installing this is what people complained about, but I thought I would just do the PvE mode. I just find myslef wanting more of a D&D experience/immersion and hating pvp. I may still dabble on the game, but do not feel like spending any more $ on it.

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I’m sorry to hear that you are not having the best experiences in the game, CrimsonViper. However, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. I will definitely pass your concerns back to our team!

Importation of a flawed PvP engine designed for a children’s dinosaur game has only aggravated WoW users and continues to damage the WotC / D&D brand. I must assume the agreement between the brand and developer was very liberal, otherwise it makes no sense for WotC to allow this to continue. I assume WotC will be more careful with their future mobile development agreements.

For months, as discussed in other threads, a few few players have been aware these endurance style PvP events are rigged to a farcical extent. This is why match-making is so obtuse during PvP events. The continued mis-matching of inferior Event Players against superior Battle Mode players is a shameful rort.

While a few of us are capable of quickly marching through these events, most players will be disappointed and frustrated with the increased difficulty. Laughably, top players really don’t need the available rewards and accordingly many avoid these events.

Unfortunately, many other players remain unaware of the match-making mechanisms at play and continue to blindly expend valuable resources on events which are stacked against them.