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'Dex done with 24 hours to spare

… sure I am not the only one thanks to the championship rewards; had 200/250 with 4 fuses and 20s got me there (was so expecting 4 x 10). No uniques in the update so optimistic although there is that dreaded “exclusive” in the mix …


Lucky you. I only have one unique😂

so jealous. nice work. at least the next update doesnt have any uniques.



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Congrats buddy. I completed mine recently as well. Just in time.


Got this joker in 5 weeks. Had to FIT Nasuto like mad and run around looking the Epic Deer. Have ran hundreds of metres to get 1 Epic Deer because the bus I was on passed it.

Its a decent unique but not good enough in its current form to be a top priority.


Well done.

I only need corny myself. Hopefully I can complete dex in 1.14 as it looks relatively easy to do

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Well done. :grinning:


I went all in on Lania and forgot Testa. Euclado is also very rare spawn on giga scent. Will get it before next update though. :grin:

*AWESOME! * Congratulations!

Congrats! I’m down to only 2. Testa and the Mammoth unique…

hoping to get down to 1 dino left in 1.14. i have 3 uniques left an i hate the grind. :sweat_smile:

Just completed Boa eventually now starting to work on the deer and turtle uniques but if we don’t get some events it will take me forever